Compacting Device COMPACTapron

The new generation lattice apron compacting
  1. Benchmark in yarn strength
  2. 3D technology
  3. Highest flexibility
  4. Very low conversion costs

Product details

COMPACTapron is the second generation of lattice apron technology. It marks the benchmark regarding yarn tenacity values due to 3D technology that guides the fibers smartly through the compacting zone. COMPACTapron shows highest flexibility as it is available for any machine type and material, with fast plug in and plug out ability. It realizes very low conversion costs due to low requirement of energy, maintenance and spare parts.


COMPACTapron allows compact yarn to be spun with very low conversion costs due to low requirement in energy, maintenance and spare parts.


A new benchmark in yarn strength: COMPACTapron enables best tenacity values due to 3D technology that guides the fibers smartly through the compacting zone.

The compacting device produces yarn with best yarn properties for all fiber materials and blends. COMPACTapron ensures very low spindle to spindle quality variation in the whole spinning mill.


The compacting device offers highest flexibility as it is available for many machine types and most common raw materials. 

Fast plug in and plug out ability allows to switch easily between conventional and compact yarn.

For any type of ring spinning machine as new investment or retrofit of used machinery.

Design of COMPACTapron – Components

  1. Negative pressure supply
  2. Pneumafil (yarn break) suction
  3. Compacting area with slots – the lattice aprons transport the fibers through the nip line
  4. New designed lattice apron
  5. COMPACTapron roller