BERKOL® top rollers

BERKOL® top rollers are technology components with a direct influence on the yarn quality and the overall performance in a spinning mill
  1. Superb running conditions
  2. Constant and even yarn quality
  3. Reduced wrapping and end breakages
  4. High efficiency
BERKOL® Cot on blue fabric


Only the best quality of top rollers allows for an even spinning of high value yarns – BERKOL® top rollers are recommended for any kind of short staple spinning, for roving frames and for the spinning preparation such as draw frames and combing machines. All the generally used measurements are available and correspond to the requirements of the machine manufacturers.

BERKOL® top rollers in three different colours
BERKOL® top rollers with outstanding running characteristics

BERKOL® top rollers

High valued BERKOL® top rollers permit working with a wide variety of raw materials in the short staple segment and under any climatic condition.

The productivity of the spinning machines is optimized and the production costs are efficiently reduced.

Spinning mills throughout the world benefit from the BERKOL® total solution.