Spinning Rings

Uncompromising quality rings for flexible spinning of all yarn counts and fibers, with stable running behavior.
  1. Benchmark
  2. Constantly high quality
  3. Long life
  4. Universal applicability
Bräcker TITAN Spinnring auf drapiertem Stoff


Due to profound metallurgical knowledge, from surface coating to heat treatment as well as due to precision in each detail, Bräcker lives up to the highest expectations when it comes to the production of spinning rings – for course to ultra-fine yarn counts at regular to highest spinning speeds. 

Surface finish

Two TITAN spinning rings on blue background
The life time of the TITAN ring is up to three times higher as compared to a conventional ring.

TITAN – the benchmark for highest demands

Over 45 million TITAN rings sold is the vote of confidence of Bräcker customers. The TITAN ring distinguishes itself through an extremely wear resistant surface. TITAN rings do not require a long running-in period, which leads to a minimal loss of productivity.

The TITAN ring is especially suitable to spin medium to fine yarns, but also for ultra-fine yarns in compact spinning.


  • High performance applications
  • For medium to fine yarns at highest speeds
  • Compact yarns 
Two THERMO 800 spinning rings on blue background.
The THERMO 800 is especially recommended for spinning Core and Denim yarns.


The THERMO 800 spinning ring is best suited for the medium performance segment, for a broad range of yarn counts. The THERMO 800 is especially recommended for the spinning of Core yarns for sewing threads and for Denim.

The THERMO 800 rings are made of hardened steel. The rings are available in flange 1 and flange 2 execution.


  • For coarse yarns (Denim)
  • For Core yarns (sewing threads)
  • For medium speeds

Profiles short staple

Profiles selection available for TITAN and THERMO 800 rings for short staple spinning and twisting.

T-flange profiles

T-flange ½ spinning ring is suitable for fine cotton yarns, used mainly in China.

T-flange 1 spinning ring is recommended for fine to medium yarn counts.  

T-flange 2 spinning ring is ideal for coarse and special yarns.

Oblique profiles

An ingenious system of the redORBIT ring and the proper traveller was developed for spinning top yarn qualities at highest speeds. 

The ring ORBIT SFB is optimal for high speed applications, for combed cotton, PES and PES/cotton blends. 

The SU spinning ring is suitable for synthetic yarns and blends of PAC, PES and CV, while PAC without lubrication. 

Profiles long staple

Profiles selection available for TITAN and THERMO 800 rings for long staple spinning and twisting.

Conical profiles

Conical spinning ring
Conical spinning ring

The conical ring with J-shaped travellers is the most effective and most proven combination to spin wool, acrylic, cashmere and blends in the medium to coarse yarn count range.

Vertical profiles

Vertical spinning ring HZ

Twisting is generally done with vertical HZ sintered metal rings and NYLTEX and STEELTEX travellers, since mostly heavy yarns counts are twisted. Only for finer yarn counts, steel travellers are used.

T-flange spinning ring

T-flange spinning ring
T-flange spinning ring

These rings are especially designed for the wet spinning of flax fibers, covering the entire yarn count range. The surface coating of the rings combines abrasion and chemical wear resistance.

Oblique flange spinning ring

SU spinning ring
SU spinning ring

The SU ring/traveller system is best suited for spinning acrylic fibers and synthetic blends in the medium to coarse yarn count range. For the SU ring/traveller system no additional lubrication is necessary.