Bräcker travelers are a key component in the ring spinning – decisive for a perfect quality of the spun yarn.
  1. Outstanding running time
  2. Low wear
  3. Superb gliding characteristics
  4. Constantly even product quality
Travellers and spinning ring on draped fabric


Even though steel travellers seem unimpressive, they are amongst the most important components in ring spinning and twisting of yarns with coarse or fine counts and in the spinning of compact yarns.

By choosing the correct Bräcker traveller, the spinning productivity is optimized. The shape of the traveller, the wire cross section, the weight and the surface treatment have a decisive influence on the performance and the productivity of a ring and compact spinning machine and on the quality of the yarn to be spun.

Short staple spinning

Several blue Bräcker SAPHIR travellers
SAPHIR travellers with outstanding gliding characteristics

SAPHIR travellers

The Bräcker SAPHIR traveller was developed especially for high performances. The diffusion treatment extends through the entire cross section and executes its positive influence even with a worn surface.


  • High speed traveller
  • Running-in of the ring and general application
  • All types of fibers
Several black Bräcker ONYX travellers
ONYX travellers for highest demands

ONYX travellers

The surface treatment of the ONYX traveller allows a higher efficiency in the spinning mill. The improved gliding characteristics enable an increase of the spindle rpms by up to +1 000 rpm and/or increase the traveller life by up to +50%. In addition to that, the running-in time can be drastically reduced. The combination of these features decisively increases the production in the spinning mill while at the same time reducing costs.


  • Cotton compact and none compact yarns
  • Suitable for man-made fibers
  • For high rpm and high traveller speeds
  • For all yarn counts
Several Bräcker STARLET traveller
Bräcker STARLET traveller for optimal results

STARLET travellers

STARLET travellers are finished with a fine and compact nickel layer by means of a special treatment process. Low friction values in the yarn passage prevent fibre damages and good gliding properties after traveller change.


  • Especially suited for the spinning of chemical fibres and blends 
  • For medium to high operating speeds
  • Suited for the entire yarn count range
Several Bräcker STARLETplus travellers
STARLETplus travellers for demanding circumstances

STARLETplus travellers

The spinning of aggressive fibers can lead to cutting marks in the yarn path of the standard travellers. Thanks to the special characteristics of the STARLETplus travellers, the spinning of such fibers is no longer limited. STARLETplus sets the benchmark concerning low hairiness and nits in the yarn.


  • Especially recommended for Viscose and CO/CV blends
  • For PES and dyed fibers
  • Applicable for the entire yarn count range
CARBO traveller
CARBO traveller

CARBO travellers

With the development of the CARBO, Bräcker complete the product range with a traveller specially designed to meet the requirements of the Man Made Fiber spinners. The surface treatment allows to increase the traveller life up to  + 50% longer lifetime associated with a impressive reduced running-in time. This features increase the profitability and reduce the cost in the spinning mill in the same time.  


  • Man Made Fibers
  • Blends
  • Core yarn
  • All yarn counts

CARBO designed for MMF spinning

Several Bräcker PYRIT travellers
PYRIT traveller with a long running life

PYRIT travellers

PYRIT travellers’ steel structure has been enriched by additional components. The wear and tear aspect has thus been considerably improved, which guarantees a constantly high yarn quality. At high speeds the life time increases decisively.


  • 50% to 100% longer life time than the SAPHIR traveller
  • Application at high speeds
  • All types of fibers
Several Bräcker ZIRKON travellers
ZIRKON the traveler with the Hi-tech coating for outstanding performances

ZIRKON travellers

ZIRKON is a steel traveller featuring a hi-tech ceramic coating and guarantees excellent characteristics for highest performances during a long life time. The Bräcker ZIRKON has been developed especially for compact spinning at the highest level. The life span extends to up to 1 000 hours and more. ZIRKON travellers may only be used on TITAN spinning rings.


  • Traveller life time of more than 1 000 hours
  • For compact spinning
  • At highest speeds
  • All types of fibers

Long staple spinning

Several blue Bräcker NYLTEX travellers
NYLTEX travellers for spinning of wool, acrylics, cashmere and blends

NYLTEX travellers for longstaple spinning

Spinning of combed yarns, semi-combed yarns and acrylic yarns, spun with steel or NYLTEX travellers on conical rings or with steel travellers on SU rings.


  • Steel traveller for fine to medium yarns
  • NYLTEX traveller for medium to coarse yarns
Several green NYLTEX F-series travellers
NYLTEX F-series travellers

NYLTEX travellers F-series for spinning of flax and linen

Wet flax spinning demands travellers which do not corrode. The specially shaped Bräcker travellers of the F-series are the solution for such applications. All NYLTEX travellers of the F-series for the wet flax spinning are glass fiber reinforced.


  • Spinning of flax and linen
Several orange Bräcker NYLTEX travellers
NYLTEX travellers for the twisting of glass filaments

NYLTEX travellers for twisting of glass filaments

NYLTEX travellers are used in combination with sinter metal rings for the twisting of glass filaments. Bräcker produces these travellers with high quality composite materials which are enhanced by adding lubricants for improved gliding characteristics.


  • Twisting of glass filaments
Several red Bräcker STEELTEX travellers
STEELTEX travellers for the twisting of multiple yarns

NYLTEX and STEELTEX travellers for twisting of multiple yarns

The Bräcker NYLTEX and STEELTEX travellers are used in twisting, draw-twisting and in spinning of carpet yarns. The travellers are made of finely structured composite materials, which guarantee excellent gliding characteristics.


  • Twisting of multiple yarns