Premium Parts for Rotor Spinning

Spinning components, spare parts, modernization packages and complete spinning box modernizations for rotor spinning machines guarantee homogeneous yarn quality throughout the complete machine in order to ensure flawless textile fabrics.
  1. Homogeneous yarn quality
  2. Maximum productivity
  3. Energy saving
  4. Long service life

Premium parts spinning components

Premium parts provide the entire range of spinning components for Suessen spinning boxes SE 7 to SE 20 Autocoro and spinning boxes SC and SQ.

  • ProFiL®rotor
  • SOLIDRING/opening rollers
  • ProFiL®navel
  • Channel plate/channel insert
  • Torque stop
  • TrashAdapter

Premium parts spare parts for Suessen spinning boxes

Suessen developed and manufactured the spinning boxes SE 7 to SE 10 and supplies spinning mills directly with these original components.

Suessen supplies all important spare parts as well as modernization components for the spinning boxes SE 7 to SE 12, SC and SQ that will facilitate and increase production and provide quality improvement.

  • ProFiL®cartridge - new EverClean axial rotor bearing
  • ProFiL®reflector
  • PS7 TwinDisc
  • Brake pads

Premium parts modernization packages

  • ProFiL®cartridge - new EverClean axial rotor bearing for SE 8 to SE 12
  • Trash channel SE 8 and SE 9
  • Shock absorber
  • Carbon fiber rod
  • SE 9 performance kit

Spinning boxes modernization

With over 800 completely modernized rotor spinning machines, Suessen is the leading supplier of modernization equipment for rotor spinning machines. Additionally to the spinning box SQ 1 for cotton spinning, the spinning box SQ 2 has been specially designed for spinning man-made fibers.

  • Yarn quality is considerably improved
  • An average production increase of about 25% (in some cases even 40%) and a dramatic reduction in ends down is feasible
  • Rotor speeds up to 135 000 rpm, and delivery speeds of up to 220 m/min are often achievable
  • Production costs are reduced