Alert and Cockpit Module

Real-Time Mill Performance Monitoring - Anytime, Anywhere
  1. Access to mill data monitoring 24/7, from anywhere
  2. Real-time information to quickly react to challenging situations
  3. Peace of mind with customized settings to get notified when performance is dropping


In spinning mills, reacting quickly to challenging situations and keeping costly downtime to a minimum are crucial. With the Alert and Cockpit Module, customers can enjoy peace of mind and get instant performance alerts on their smartphones.

The Alert and Cockpit Module is a mobile application which allows customers to track their mill performance. It consists of:

  • The alert feature where users can set limits regarding production, quality and energy and be notified when they are exceeded or undershot.
  • The cockpit feature which gives an overview of the running production over the entire Rieter machines, from fiber preparation to end spinning. It also provides reports about the last 5 shifts.

Product Characteristics

  • Access to production and efficiency data of the last five shifts
  • Data available anytime, anywhere, for all Rieter machines
  • Notification through customized alarm settings
  • Instant share of notifications by mail, text message, WhatsApp, WeChat, etc.