UPtime – Intelligent Digital Maintenance

What if you knew exactly what actions needed to be taken before a machine malfunctioned? With UPtime, the power of prediction is now possible.
  1. Significant reduction of unplanned downtime
  2. Lower overall costs of maintenance and inspection
  3. Full transparency on maintenance activities
With cutting-edge technology, Rieter brings machine maintenance to the forefront of digitalization.


UPtime connects all machines and auxiliaries which influence the production of a spinning mill. Critical components of machines are monitored via different sensors to ensure the proper running of the equipment. Using the right mix between big data and machine learning algorithms, UPtime analyzes and identifies abnormalities to predict failures. Thanks to a comprehensive ticketing system and clear user instructions, actions can be organized, scheduled assigned and tracked with full transparency.

Expert System

UPtime features a user-friendly interface which displays all key information at once. From alarms to monitoring and maintenance, the user can easily navigate through the system to take immediate action. By logging in with an individual user-ID, the user only sees the tasks that are within his responsibilities.

Ticket overview

The ticket overview shows all information of the related task. Details regarding the sensed parameter are indicated on the top, such as the alarm nature and origin. A graph showing the progress of the sensed parameter(s) can be displayed. Pictures help to identify the location of the origin. In the center of the screen, a safety warning must be acknowledged before following the user instructions mentioned below. If a user manual is available, a link to the electronic version of the user instruction appears. The ticket status, responsible technician and information can be adapted on the right.

Alarm History Report

The alarm history report provides a detailed overview over all alarm notifications with clear measures and assignments. Thanks to a smart ticketing system, past and current alarms are available and it is easy to track their status and identify potential improvement opportunities.

Clear Maintenance Schedule

The preventive maintenance section shows all required planned maintenance tasks, such as cleaning, lubrication and replacement. A calendar view provides an overview of all daily tasks. The color of the individual tasks changes over time to indicate the urgency – once the task is overdue, it changes its color to orange.