The Most Economical Rotor Direct Process

Innovations at every stage of the process

Rotor direct process with RSB draw frame module on the card

Productive Spinning with High Short-Fiber Content

The strength of the Rieter rotor spinning system has always been its high productivity and achievement of a consistent yarn quality, particularly in applications with shorter fibers. The new rotor direct process further greatly enhances system performance and yarn quality, even with low priced raw materials.

New rotor direct process for maximum productivity and top quality with the card C 80, RSB-Module 50, and the rotor spinning machine R 70, alternatively R 37

The fully automated rotor spinning machine R 70 sets new benchmarks in rotor yarn production. It uses the proven Rieter spinning technology with low ends down and high productivity, while also offering greater efficiency through individual piecing at every spinning position. In fiber preparation, the high-performance card C 80 with draw frame module RSB-Module 50 ensures 30% greater sliver production compared to the market standard.

Higher profit through low costs

High productivity and innovative technology throughout the process lead to minimum production costs per kilogram of yarn. The optimum utilization of raw material is an important factor in leveraging productivity. The R 70 enables spinning even with a high trash content, and therefore supports the use of more cost-eff ective raw materials. Energy-efficient drive concepts, innovative machine components, and the high productivity of the C 80 and the RSB-Module 50, as well as the latest technology of individual drives in the R 70 lead to significant energy savings.

High yarn evenness

The card C 80 and the RSB-Module 50 with its two draft zones offer significant advantages in terms of yarn evenness compared to modules with only one draft zone. Compared to other rotor spinning machines, the combination of modern spinning and piecing technology in the R 70 leads to far superior strength and yarn evenness. Thus, for example, from cotton blends with a share of more than 50% noil a yarn with high uniformity can be produced, even in the range finer than Ne 30 – at maximum machine availability and productivity. The rotor spinning process is optimally supported by the use of ESSENTIAL – from ordering spare parts via the Internet to using the intelligent recipe management system.

The right model for everyone

On the R 70, yarns up to Ne 60 can be spun from 100% cotton. For customers who tend to spin standard yarns and who are active in regions in which the availability of personnel is not a critical factor, the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37 can offer an alternative solution. Compared to the fully automated rotor spinning machine R 70 with the latest technology, the R 37 is specifically designed for economical production with manual support. With the new robot ROBOdoff, automatic package change without interrupting the spinning process is now also possible on the R 37.