The New EliTe

Suessen’s New EliTe is the most versatile, flexible and in demand compact spinning system in the market.
  1. Optimal and sustained yarn quality
  2. High consistency of all yarn parameters
  3. Minimal variation between spinning positions
  4. All fiber materials and yarn counts
  5. Can be installed on almost all machine types

Product Details

The New EliTe with innovative components is further boosting

  • Higher productivity
  • Better quality
  • Lower operational costs

The new features are

  • S-Slot and extended slots into insert to the nipping line
  • Combi  Bearing Slide
  • EliTube type "Belly Shape" for certain spinning geometries
  • Unification of EliTop for P3-1, PK and HP
  • Energy-optimized EliVAC
  • End caps for EliTube
  • Longer offset to 6 mm possible

EliTe Compact for any application in short staple ring spinning

EliTeCompact Spinning System processes effectively carded and combed cotton, man-made fibers and their blends. The pneumatic system arranges the fibers in a completely parallel and close position before twist is imparted and embeds all fibers and fiber ends into the yarn body, the air flow condenses the drafted fiber. This eliminates the spinning triangle.

Benefit in the spinning process

  • Increased yarn strength and work capacity
  • Reduced hairiness values and improved IPI imperfection values
  • Increase in production due to reduced yarn twist and higher spindle speed
  • Reduced ends-down rate and fiber loss
  • Substantially improved spinning stability

Main benefits in the downstream processes

  • Less machine contamination
  • Increased production in weaving and knitting 
  • Reduced ends-down rate in warp and weft
  • Reduced twist insertion into plied yarn 
  • Saving in sizing agent, singeing can be dispensed with in many cases
  • Reduced abrasion, improved pilling behaviour
  • Substitute for plied yarns
  • Improved hand and lustre in the final product

EliTe Compact in worsted spinning

EliTeCompact in worsted spinning processes wool, man-made fibers and their blends.

  • Increased yarn strength and elongation and reduced ends-down rate
  • Improved yarn evenness and imperfection values IPI 
  • Reduced yarn hairiness values
  • Less twist insertion required
  • Possibility to use coarser wool to spin finer yarn counts, as fewer fibers are necessary in the cross section

Benefit in all Downstream Processes

  • Less machine contamination
  • Production increase and machine efficiency in weaving and knitting
  • Less twist insertion into plied yarn
  • Lower ends-down rate in warp and weft
  • In many cases waxing can be dispensed with
  • Cone dyeing instead of top dyeing
  • Better hand and lustre in the final product


Two-Ply Compact Yarn directly from your Ring Spinning Machine

EliTwist combines compact spinning and twisting of a yarn in one single operation and can be fitted to all spindles of EliTe.  

The specific yarn structure provides for the typical characteristics of EliTwistYarns, which are responsible for the very good processing properties.

EliTwist is the most cost-effective method worldwide to produce two-ply compact yarns. The technological yarn parameters are unequaled. The EliTwistSystem can be retrofitted to all EliTeSpindles so far delivered. All ring spinning machines suitable for the EliTeCompactSet can be equipped with EliTwist.

Suessen Performance Package

When combined with EliTe and the P3-1 top weighting arm, the Performance Package reduces ends down by up to 25%. More than 1.5 million EliTe spindles are already running successfully with the Performance Package, which is suitable for all fibers. After installing the Performance Package, many customers have been able to significantly increase their spindle speeds and consequently achieve higher productivity.