High-Performance Card C 75

The card for every application
  1. High production rate combined with the best sliver quality
  2. Excellent raw material utilization
  3. Long service life of the clothing

Product Details

The high-performance card C 75 achieves excellent quality values at an exceptionally high production rate in all yarn applications. This is thanks to the proven working width of 1.5 meters and 32 active flats. Precise guiding of the flats and innovations in the pre- and post-carding areas enable excellent raw material utilization and ensure a high sliver quality.

With the integrated grinding system IGS, the sliver quality is consistently at a high level. The C 75 can be combined with the new autoleveler draw frame module RSB-Module 50 to allow a wider field of applications with shortened processes. It uses high-frequency technology and a 2-zone drafting system for the highest level of yarn quality.


The large active carding area and optimized pre- and post-carding zones of the C 75 guarantee a high production rate with top-quality results in all yarn applications.

Adjustable licker-in knives, variable insert elements in the pre- and post-carding zones, and an electronically adjustable flat speed enable selective trash extraction. The raw material is utilized to optimum effect.

The C 75 has exceptionally low energy requirements thanks to a combination of its compact construction, small, movable masses, innovative machine geometry and energy-efficient drives.


The integrated grinding system IGS sharpens the clothing with lasting effect. This prolongs the service life of the clothing and ensures a consistently high sliver quality.

Sophisticated, technical, detailed solutions ensure a consistent batt weight and an even web formation. This results in flawless machine operation and a uniform card sliver of the highest quality.

The combination of the reliable autoleveler and controlled fiber guidance of the C 75 results in a high production rate and high sliver quality. 


The modular construction facilitates simple maintenance and allows the various raw materials to be adapted in the most effective way.

The carding lines can be arranged as required, either with eight cards in the case of a line production of up to 600 kg/h, or with ten cards in the case of a line production of up to 1 200 kg/h. 

The autoleveler RSB-Module 50 delivers top sliver quality thanks to contact-free sliver scanning and monitoring, as well as the 2-zone drafting system. With processes shortened, these features allow for a wider field of applications.

Autoleveled draw frame module RSB-Module 50 – the new benchmark in process shortening

The direct connection of the card with the new autoleveled draw frame module RSB-Module 50 reduces the number of draw frame passages and improves the efficiency of the spinning mill.

The RSB-Module 50 is based on the proven drive and drafting technology of the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50. A completely new, contact-free type of scanning technology for autoleveling the fed slivers and monitoring the delivered card sliver guarantees even better card sliver and yarn quality. If the raw material or card sliver weight is changed, no scanning rollers must be replaced. This increases flexibility and reduces costs.

The most important technical and technological highlights:

  • Two draft zones for best yarn evenness
  • Narrow cylinder distances for processing short fiber lengths
  • Up to five-fold total draft comfortably adjustable on the operating unit

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