Ring Spinning Machine G 37 with 1 200 Spindles

Best value for money
  1. Attractive offer for machine replacement
  2. Novibra spindle HPS 20
  3. Durable spinning rings and aprons

Product Details

The ring spinning machine G 37 with the semi-electronic drafting system produces high quality yarn reliably and economically. To meet specific customer needs, Rieter offers flexible solutions for all market segments. With the introduction of a configuration of the G 37 with up to 1200 spindles, the offer range for the replacement business is extended in an attractive way. The machine can also be integrated into an existing system to save space.

Novibra spindle HPS 20 for high productivity

The specially designed Novibra spindle HPS 20 allows spindle speeds of up to 20 000 rpm. By using this potential, productivity can be optimized at standard spindle speeds.

Durable Bräcker spinning rings and well proven aprons are important for a long service life and higher machine efficiency. Constantly high yarn quality is the result. Reduced machine downtimes lower personnel costs for maintenance and servicing.

Easy retrofit with the compacting devices COMPACTapron, COMPACTdrum and COMPACTeasy

Flexible upgrading of the machine regarding yarn technology or automation is possible at any time. The G 37 with 1 200 spindles can easily be equipped with the compacting devices COMPACTapron, COMPACTdrum and COMPACTeasy, or the fully automatic piecing robot ROBOspin.