Electronic and Mechanical Repair Services

Just like new
  1. Lower risk of breakdowns
  2. Enhance lifetime of equipment
  3. Component level repairs
  4. Reliable quality


Since 1986, Rieter provides preventive and repair services with one goal in mind: fully satisfy its customers. Certified repair service experts provide both on-site repair and workshop repair services, supported by extensive stock of genuine Rieter parts. Since April 2022, Rieter also provides repair services for Winding machines. They do not only fix mechanical and electronic items, they provide customers with high quality support  like required calibration or upgrades and extend the lifetime of equipment. 

Electronic repair services

With a wide range of test equipment and software tailored for individual product requirements, Rieter experts are well-equipped to perform all levels of repair.  Each electronic item received for repair goes through a careful examination and follows electrostatic discharge procedures. Components and parts are thoroughly and accurately diagnosed and tested under simulated conditions. To keep up with evolving technologies and new Rieter products, Rieter electronic specialists are constantly trained in one of the core facilities in Switzerland, Germany or Czech Republic.

Mechanical Repair Services

Mechanical parts are subject to wear and tear in the normal run. Their longevity depends on various factors such as the hours of operation, maintenance and other influences which vary from mill to mill.

Rieter mechanical repair services provide reliable, long-lasting and cost-efficient solutions thanks to stringent standards and rigorous processes such as: 

  • Replacement by original parts
  • Advanced cleaning of internals
  • State-of-the-art test jigs for inspection with respect to various parameters to conform with Rieter standards

Strategic and Local

With more than 24 repair service centers strategically located across the globe, customers get immediate support at their doorstep.  Each repair center is fully equipped with the necessary testing and calibration devices for high-quality repair. Some of them feature extensive local stock for exchange parts, exchange modules and components to keep the downtime of machines to a minimum. Depending on the situation, Rieter provides on-site repair service.

P3–1 Guiding Arm

The P3-1 guiding arm is a proven drafting system and well-known for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Rieter recommends to refurbish the guiding arm after eight to ten years to ensure uniform and consistent load across the machine.

Customer values

  • Less load variation
  • Less yarn breaks and undrafted ends
  • Less cuts and yarn faults
  • Improved operator comfort

Jayakumar Venkatesan

Global Head Product Management Repair Services