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Company History


Rieter Asia (Taiwan) Ltd. extends its electronic repair service also to all machines of the business group Filament Yarn Technologies

Rieter Asia (Taiwan) Ltd. inaugurates its new an fully equipped state of the art grinding centre for the resharpening of cutting rotors in Zhong Li Industrial Zone, close to Chiang Kaishek International Airport in Tao Yuan.  

Rieter Asia (Taiwan) Ltd. is appointed sole agent for Cassis International Companies, producer of biodegrable sizing solutions for all cotton fibres and their blends, for the territory of Taiwan.


Rieter Asia (Taiwan) Ltd. reintegrates the sales of machinery and spare parts of pelletizing machines from COSA Liebermann Taiwan Ltd.  


Rieter Far Eastern Ltd., Taiwan Branch (Hong Kong) changes name to Rieter Asia (Taiwan) Ltd. and becomes an independent platform within the Rieter organisation.  


Rieter Far Eastern Ltd., Taiwan Branch (Hong Kong) takes over agencies of Gretener AG and Prosino s.r.l.


Rieter Far Eastern Ltd., Taiwan Branch (Hong Kong) takes over agency of Braecker AG.  


Rieter establishes Rieter Far Eastern Ltd., Taiwan Branch (Hong Kong) as a subsidiary of Rieter Hong Kong.  


Agency changes from "Capital Enterprise Ltd." to "COSA Liebermann Taiwan Ltd."  


Rieter starts presence in Taiwan through its agent "Capital Enterprise Ltd."