ITMA 2019 in Barcelona - Highlights of Day 2

Second day at booth C 201 in hall 6: It was a great day. To increase the cost-effectiveness, Rieter revealed groundbreaking innovations for the ring and compact-spinning process such as comber E 90, roving frame F 40, piecing robot ROBOspin and three different compacting units.

Unveiled: The new comber E 90 which features the highest productivity and a wide noil extraction range for maximum flexibility. It guarantees outstanding, consistently high yarn quality at the lowest production costs.

Unveiled: The new fully automated roving frame F 40 which impresses with its fast bobbin change and high efficiency. Its precise bobbin build-up provides the perfect feed for quality yarns. The F 40 achieves outstandingly high machine efficiency.

Unveiled: COMPACTdrum, COMPACTapron and COMPACTeasy. The three new compacting devices can be quickly and easily installed on or removed from a ring spinning machine. That means for example: Spinning ring yarn today and compact yarn tomorrow.

Unveiled: The ring spinning machine G 38 for maximum flexibility and future-oriented automation which flexibly produces high-quality standard and special yarns with high performance. And ROBOspin, the first reliable piecing robot in ring spinning, enables a highly automated spinning process.

A lot of customers called for digital solutions. Rieter experts know the answer: Rieter ESSENTIAL which integrates all digital applications. The all-in-one spinning mill management system connects all machines and auxiliaries that influence yarn production.

Rieter is offering also a comprehensive product portfolio to provide value to Rieter customers throughout the lifetime of their mill. Watch the movie, in which is Rico Randegger, Head of Business Group After Sales, talks about these topics.

There is also increasing demand for air-jet yarns in the textile chain. At ITMA, Rieter presented the best process with which air-jet yarns of the highest quality can be made economically from 100% cotton: the Rieter Air-Jet Spinning System.

During the unveiling event, Bräcker introduced the new traveller CARBO which is designed to withstand highest speeds and rpm values. And SSM unveiled the first and only self-regulating backpressure system in the world: preciforce, for a guaranteed package consistency.

Another exciting day at ITMA 2019 for the Rieter staff – and for all customers visiting the Rieter booth!