Bearing Assemblies LAG

Best results for high performance texturing
  1. Higher stiffness, load ratings and speeds
  2. Longer service life
  3. Maintenance-free compact design
  4. Smaller installation space

Product Details

The journal bearings ZL of Temco LAGs are designed to suit various load ratings and maximum admissible speed thanks to different dimensions and bearing designs. Friction discs and yarn guide discs are fitted by slide-fit, while timing belt discs and drive whorls are press-fitted.

The ZL bearing assembly is a unit with integrated bearing assembly, i.e. the ball tracks are directly machined into shaft and housing. This design offers compelling advantages: higher rigidity, higher load capacity, higher speeds, longer lifetime, maintenance-free compact design, smaller mounting space required and simple mounting.

Bearing assembly LAG 12.327

Product features

  • Lifetime lubrication: The Temco bearing assembly units are lubricated to cover service life.
  • Sealing: Special dust shields on either side protect the bearing assembly against contamination. If required, an additional yarn lap guard can be provided.
Bearing assembly LAG 12.328

Area of application

The Temco bearing assemblies LAG are intended for fitting to friction units for tangential belt or single motor-drive. They are designed to fit all of Temco’s texturing units on the market as well as those from other manufacturers.