AMIspin® is an electronical device that controlls and synchronises the critical moment of the piecing - the yarn take-off and the sliver feed - with better than 0.1 second precision.

Teach your BT 902 manual machine to make piecing as easy and precise as a semi-automatic machine does.


Suitable for BT 902 rotor spinning machines.

Items of the upgrade package:

  • Pre-installation inspection of main spinning components
  • Delivery of all necessary parts
  • Installation by our technician
  • In-mill staff training


The unique combination of mechanical and electronical components AMIspin®, which has created the success of our emi-automatic BT 903 model, is now ready to enhance the quality of yarn you are producing on your manual BT 902 machine.

Optionally installed yarn clearer allows you to omit the process of rewinding of yarn.

 Download principle animation of AMIspin® (English/EXE/1 MB) 


  • Stable, robot-like piecer quality
  • High reliability and efficiency of piecing regardless of the operator's skill

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