Worldwide most advanced Application and Research Centre in China

Worldwide most advanced application and research center in China

New Spin Centre in China

China is one of the most important markets for the textile industry. In the context of the expansion in Asia, on 28 April 2015 Rieter officially inaugurates the first Application & Research Centre for Spinning Technology in China. It is the most advanced in the world and is a key element in Rieter's range of services. The facility will contribute towards further positive development of the Chinese spinning industry. Representatives of the Changzhou government and the Chinese textile industry are attending the inauguration.

Alongside numerous Rieter partners and customers, representatives of the Changzhou government, the China Textile and Apparel Council (CNTAC) and the Chinese textile industry participate in the inauguration. „The new spinning centre offers our customers not only a unique new service, but also makes a significant contribution towards the further positive development of the Chinese textile industry“, said Group CEO Norbert Klapper.   

On the first day of the two-day inauguration event, a textile symposium is being held. As the most important theme, the challenges of the Chinese spinning industry and their solutions by means of modern automation, energy savings in production processes and high material yield are discussed. On the second day of the inauguration ceremony, guests have the opportunity to visit not only the new technology centre but also the modern Rieter production facilities.

Expansion in China concluded

Within the scope of the investment programme of 2012/2013, Rieter has strongly expanded its presence in Asia.  In 2012 the company opened the first part of a new factory building in China. Since 2013 with the completion of the second plant, Rieter has delivered complete installations from its own production facilities in China to local customers.

Parallel to expansion of the production, the company has also extended its local customer service network. The official inauguration of Rieter Application & Research Centre for Spinning Technology marks the completion of the expansion in China. 

Unique range and cutting-edge technology  

Rieter has long been operating a spinning centre in Switzerland and a similar establishment in India. The new spinning centre in China is equipped with all four significant spinning processes, modern machines, a laboratory, as well as training rooms and showrooms. Consultation is provided by experienced textile technologists.

Customers and fibre producers can test their products and also obtain advice on complex technological issues. In addition, the globally unique centre offers training of internal and external specialists. Main focal points deal with the use and maintenance of modern spinning mills, the development and marketing of yarns as well as yarn and fibre measuring, yarn application and fabric development.

Worldwide closely linked technology centres

Optimal manufacturing costs with consistent yarn quality are the alpha and omega for successful spinning mills. To achieve this, cutting-edge technology, the appropriate know-how and a high level of expertise are indispensable. All Rieter technology locations are closely linked and maintain an ongoing exchange of information. With the spinning centre in Changzhou, Rieter's global technology know-how is now also available to customers in China and the surrounding countries.  


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