The Chinese company Shaanxi Yinhua Textile Co., Ltd. primarily produces combed ring and compact yarn. With two semi-automated rotor spinning machines R 36 Yinhua uses noils, carding waste and cotton…

Facing a quick changing and demanding market the Portuguese textile producer Polopique was looking for a flexible solution in yarn production.

Kanish Spinning Mill produces with its rotor spinning machines R 36 consistently high-quality yarn from regenerated raw material at 98.5% machine efficiency.

High productivity and flexibility: The open rail system of the fully automatic roving bobbin transport system SERVOtrail Direct satisfies Jay Jay Mills’ needs at its best.

华孚时尚公司希望进一步提高色纺纱产能。通过使用立达的环锭细纱机G 32,该公司现在能够以更低的维护成本生产出高品质的色纺纱,确保公司盈利。

With the precision blender UNIblend A 81 Fuhua Dezhou found the perfect solution to automate the blending process in their blowroom.

Rieter’s customer Sharmanji Yarns has been faced by a high demand for their well-known polyester/cotton yarn. To increase their production the company has decided to invest in a ring spinning system G…

On-the-job training provides operators the skills they need to enhance their core competencies and achieve a machine’s maximum performance. By elevating rotor spinning operating skills to the next…

How to efficiently use comber noil and cotton waste as raw materials to economically produce high quality yarn in order to maximize profits? Discover how Shangshui Xianghu Textile Co., Ltd. mastered…