Expertise in textile technology from fiber to fabric is at the heart of Rieter’s DNA. The success story of one ring system customer reveals the potential.

Rieter is investing in completing its ring and compact-spinning systems and in two attractive component businesses.

To succeed in the demanding rotor market, Nipas invested in an fully automatic rotor spinning machine R 70. Watch the Nipas reference video and learn about the advantages of the new R 70.

Norfil benefits from consistent quality thanks to the continuous monitoring of the sliver with the Rieter Quality Monitor.

Karteks invested in three Rieter blowroom lines including the intelligent option VARIOline ECOrized. The result is a power saving of 22% which equates to USD 19 600 per year.

With a production rate of more than 1 500 kg/h with only one bale opener UNIfloc A 12 and one UNIclean B 15 Damodar has one of the most productive blowrooms in India.

Since 1971, Graf America has been committed to providing partnerships built on the best value for money.

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