News and Success Stories

By upgrading the bale opener with an A 11 take-off unit, the production output has increased by 20% while reducing conversion costs.

After implementing COMPACTeasy and E 35+ upgrades, the mill production has increased by 6%.

Thanks to SSM XENO-AC, Bishnu Texports Pvt. Ltd. turned into a successful air covered yarn manufacturing company.

Chinese customer Sichuan Dekai achieves a spindle speed of 24 500 rpm with the ring spinning machine G 37.

Rieter customer Jayajothi runs the ring spinning machine G 37 with COMPACTdrum at a very high spindle speed and produces consistently high yarn quality.

Thanks to the option CLEANtube coming with the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50, Gupta Threads achieves a mouse-free sliver.

Labor expenses in different countries account for anywhere between 6 and 13% of total yarn production costs. The right training can make a world of difference.

The Ramco Group Textile Division illustrates how after-sales services can be a win-win for customers and the environment. Ramco was able to reduce electricity consumption by 3% and raw material waste…