Sustainability Goals 2025

Caring for people and planet

Pavel Kubicek, Head of Operations, Rieter CZ, presents the latest photovoltaic system at the Ústí nad Orlicí location in the Czech Republic.

Rieter is conscious of its responsibility towards its employees, the environment and society.
The company has set specific sustainability goals for 2025 in relation to the environment and its employees.

Rieter Sustainability Goals 2025

Overview of the Rieter sustainability goals 2025
The environmental targets are calculated based on CHF 1 000 sales.

The data for measuring the goals are recorded in the SEED database (Social, Environmental, Economic Data). They form the basis for key data on the environment, social issues and corporate governance. Progress is reviewed and evaluated annually.

For 2024, the Group plans to take the key topics identified in the materiality analysis into account in the further development of its sustainability strategy.