Nip Rollers LR

For outstanding yarn quality
  1. Universal application
  2. Superior lifetime
  3. Highest quality standards

Product Details

Modern false twist texturing (DTY) machines are equipped with up to four nip roller feeds per texturing position. Nip rollers have a major impact on the drawing process and therefore exert a direct influence on the quality of the textured yarn. Temco nip rollers also ensure a dramatic reduction of power consumption while maximizing competitiveness.

Nip rollers serve to press continuous material like textile yarn or glass fibers onto a feed shaft during the manufacturing process. This creates frictional locking which guarantees an uniform and gentle drawing of the yarn.


  • Excellent radial run-out
  • Compact construction due to the integrated raceways
  • Low friction moment and thus significant energy savings
  • Rotational speeds up to 2,000 m/min
  • Maintenance-free due to lifetime lubrication
  • Possibility to use different covers
  • Gentle yarn treatment


  • Outstanding wear and crack resistance, excellent oil, chemical and heat resistance
  • Designed to meet the highest demands on all fibers and working conditions for all common and high speed texturing machines
  • Long lasting durability and easy handling, ensuring higher productivity
  • Better thread clamping force on the yarn. Enabled by the higher contact pressure
  • Constant form against the drive shaft due to lower concavity minimizes light leakage
  • Lower vibration level at high production speeds
  • Less deformation during regrinding

LR & i-Bearing