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Facts and figures on the fiscal year, semi-annual results, annual general meeting, acquisitions and many other media releases of the Rieter Group are available for download on this page. The most up-to-date at the top and quickly accessible, but also those of recent years are easy to find. And anyone who is interested in an event from Rieter in the past will be successful in the archive or should contact the Rieter media relations.

Rieter, sunduğu servis yelpazesini genişletmek ve Türkiye'deki pazar konumunu güçlendirmek amacıyla Kahramanmaraş servis istasyonunu 2.000 m2 lik daha büyük bir yere taşıyor. İstasyon, bölgenin en…

Market success through technology leadership, profits strongly impacted by significant cost increases and supply chain bottlenecks.

Exceptionally high order backlog and sustained strong demand / Supply chain bottlenecks, COVID lockdown in China and significant cost increases / Takeover of winding machine business leads to…

Autoconer X6 is the key machine for highest efficiency / Roving frame F 40 sets industry standard at 90 seconds only for doffing / New top and bottom aprons NO-79201 offer greater durability /…

All motions approved

Section of a Rieter building with flag in front

With the takeover of the automatic winding machine business at the Uebach-Palenberg/Germany site with effect from April 1, 2022, Rieter has completed the acquisition of the three businesses from…


The Media Releases of years 2017 back to 2009 are available in the archive.

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