Fully automated lap transport system SERVOlap E 26 – The flexible solution for fully automated lap transport

SERVOlap E 26 is a fully automated lap transport system which simultaneously transports eight laps from the combing preparation machine to the manual or fully automated comber. The space-saving overhead system creates a closed material circuit by also returning the empty tubes fully automatically. The combination of SERVOlap E 26 with fully automated combers creates the only fully automated combing system available on the market.


  • Fully automated lap transport optimizes resources and enhances efficiency in the combing process.
  • The sensor-controlled lap transport system guarantees reliable transport without intervention by operating personnel and thus reduces labor costs.
  • Maximum efficiency in the combing process by combining SERVOlap E 26 and fully automated combers.


  • Gentle, reliable lap transport ensures constant batt quality – and thus constant combing quality.
  • Loss of quality by personnel or grippers is ruled out.


  • Flexible layout design adapted to the space available by using different lap turnstiles.
  • Individual transport capacity for up to four combing preparation machines and 24 combers.
  • Intelligent design enables combing capacity to be increased up to maximum set size without any difficulty.


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