ITME 2016 ‒ Higher profitability with Rieter systems

Rieter exhibits a wide range of innovations at ITME 2016 in Mumbai (India). As the world leader in compact technology, Rieter shows the K 42 compact spinning machine and the G 32 ring spinning machine with EliTe®. The learning system Rieter "UPtime" Solutions, which supports the preventive maintenance of plants, represents a further step towards the digitization of spinning mills. In addition, Rieter is exhibiting the new single head draw frames generation RSB-D 50 and the R 36 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine. Rieter presents a wide range of technology components under the Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen trademarks, including the energy-saving spindle LENA by Novibra, which has already established itself very successfully in the market. An innovation in the after sales area is the Q-Package, a package for improving yarn quality in existing plants.

ITME is carried out every four years. It is the most important textile machinery trade show for the key market of India but also of great significance for neighboring emerging markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa. ITME takes place from December 3 to December 8 2016.

Wide range of innovative products and services

An unprecedented level of productivity with the highest quality standards is what is offered by the new RSB-D 50 single-head draw frame generation. With the patented ECOrized drive technology along with an innovative autoleveller and fiber guiding system, an increase in delivery speed of up to 33 % can be realized. The new coiler CLEANcoil-PES extends the cleaning cycle on critical polyester fibres by at least 100 %. In addition, the machine is characterized by significantly lower energy consumption.

Compact spinning has established itself as the leading spinning system worldwide. The Rieter compact spinning systems Com4®compact and EliTe® are unique and are the most successful systems in the segment worldwide. A total of more than 13 million compact spindles by Rieter are already being deployed by customers. At maximum productivity, the K 42 compact spinning machine sets standards for quality and economy. The very high strength and low hairiness of Com4®compact yarns have significant economical advantages throughout downstream processing. The K 42 requires only about 25 % of the compacting energy necessary with comparable solutions. With the G 32 ring spinning machine and the EliTe®-compacting system, Rieter is introducing another, particularly versatile, machine combination for this segment to the market. It covers the entire yarn count area as well as different raw materials, and is retrofittable.

The R 36 semi-automatic rotor spinning machine with the latest spinning technology and easy operation is the solution to achieving economical production. Thanks to automated spinning (ASI), after a power outage it can run again by a simple press of the start button. With the new S 36 spin box, spinning stability is increased further; in addition, it enables better yarn quality through optimized fiber flow. With 600 spinning units, the R 36 is the longest machine in its class. 

Bräcker, Graf, Novibra and Suessen are presenting technology components and systems, which are distinguished by superior performance in the market, and which achieve decisive competitive advantages for customers. With up to 50 % increased running times, rings and running systems by Bräcker are way ahead of competitors' products. The new BERKOL® multigrinder MGL grinding machine will debut in India. It enables the perfect grinding of all deployed pressure cylinders and top cylinder covers, regardless of dimensions, on one and the same machine. Important products at ITME are also the EasyTop flat bar with magnetic adhesion technology by Graf. Together with the wire clothing, this innovation also continues to offer the proven reduction in waste and neps, and also reduces the downtime of the card. The energy-saving spindle LENA by Novibra reduces energy consumption by up to 4 % per spinning position. The EliTe® compacting system by Suessen is the most flexible compacting system worldwide and can be incorporated into all traditional ring spinning machines.

In after-sales business, Rieter will demonstrate at ITME new services and complete solutions for the entire production process. These technology components and packages improve yarn quality (Q-Package), maximize productivity (wobble disc), extend the life of equipment (card cover shoe) and reduce energy consumption (ECOrized section pipe.) In addition, Rieter "UPtime" solutions introduces a digital learning system for the monitoring and maintenance of spinning to the market. This innovative system can be integrated easily into existing plants and provides decisive advances in preventive maintenance. After the introduction of the "Alert & Cockpit" module, this is a further step in the direction of digitizing spinning mills.

With extensive mill audits, Rieter offers a service to optimize the productivity of spinning mills across the entire life cycle. In the current year, Rieter employees have already undertaken over a hundred audits in Indian businesses and developed concrete solutions with big benefits for customers. The attractive service range extends from technology support through repairs to customer training. 

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