Green Mindset for More Profit

Aerial view of Kohinoor Textile Mills’ solar park achieving great energy efficiency.

Kohinoor Mills is one of Pakistan’s largest vertically integrated textile operations with over 1 800 employees. The company delivers over 70 million meters of world-class grey, white and dyed fabrics to leading fashion brands and retailers around the globe. It is involved in three major businesses: weaving, dyeing & finishing and energy. Kohinoor Textile Mills’ spinning production facilities in Rawalpindi, Gujjar Khan comprise 158 544 ring spindles, 384 MVS spindles, and 2 712 spinning boxes capable of spinning a wide range of yarn counts using cotton and man-made fibers.

The Challenge

To remain competitive, Kohinoor Textile Mills is continuously monitoring all of its cost factors to keep them at the lowest possible levels. With the ongoing rise of labor and energy costs, the company looked for ways to further optimize its operations. On one hand, Kohinoor Textile Mills invested in renewal energy, with the ambition to balance sustainability and profitability. On the other hand, the company turned to Novibra to boost its production while limiting costs.

The Solution

Kohinoor Textile Mills successfully installed a solar plant system with a capacity of 8.35 MW. This accomplishment not only makes the company the one and only spinning unit in Pakistan based on green energy at day time; it also results in significant energy savings.

Besides, the company equipped its ring spinning machines with some 21 600 NASA HPS spindles and CROCOdoff underwinding free crown. Thanks to the outstanding features of both Novibra products, Kohinoor Textile Mills benefited from lower downtime, better labor usage and energy saving.

The Customer’s Benefits

Kohinoor Textile Mills’ captive solar plant is creating up to 30% savings in energy. This has translated into cost andoperational efficiencies across processes. The combination of NASA HPS spindles and CROCOdoff clamping crowns eliminated expensive and time-consuming machine downtimes related to cleaning.

Kohinoor Textile Mills is thus able to run its machines for 10 to 15 more minutes daily, which corresponds to an additional 4.80 lb (2.18 kg) per machine per day for 1 200 spindles, equivalent to 1.44 bags (64.8. kg) per months. The quality parameters are also excellent as the company is operating its machines to the required speeds with minimum slip variation.

As a leader, Kohinoor adopts a green mindset and shows the industry that sustainability can bring more profitability.

Kohinoor Textile Mills - NASA HPS 68 equipped with CROCOdoff and brake U28
We have a very strong and long-standing working relationship with Novibra based on the following points: consistent products with very good life duration, reliability of products to help to maintain our maintenance cycle for such huge volume of spindles very effectively and remarkable after-sales service and quality.Muhammad Irfan, General Manager, Kohinoor Mills Limited

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