SSM Thread King III: The Ultimate Efficiency

The new generation of the Thread King winder is living up to expectations. It offers the perfect combination of efficiency and sustainability, with a shorter production cycle, easier thread-up of the yarn, reduced machine footprint and lower power consumption.

The Thread King III is all about efficiency. Thanks to a patented tuck-in system, the TK3 has the shortest doffing cycle on the market, up to 40% shorter than its previous version. It is the first in its category to feature an automatic slit-drum opening.

The new winder benefits from improved length measuring accuracy. This ultra-precise capability results in 50% reduction of the safety margin on wound packages, thereby saving 1% raw material.

The TK3 is available in two versions: TK3-CT for cones handling and TK3-KT for king spools. Compared to the previous model, the supply tube capacity of the TK3 is doubled with the king spool version, and even quadrupled with the cone version, depending on tube size. Both machines offer the highest possible bobbin and yarn quality. Two other versions with different executions are planned.