Always Faster with Onyx Travelers

Kipaş Textiles, the largest fully integrated manufacturer of yarn and fabric in Europe, constantly optimizes its operations to fulfill its clients’ demands while contributing to a more sustainable future. By replacing its  travelers with C1 SEL udr Onyx, the company successful increased its running speed to 25 000 rpm without compromising on quality.

The Challenge

Kipaş Textiles’ spinning mill machines were equipped with Bräcker C1 EL udr ISO 25.0 travelers. The company wanted to achieve greater speeds, without compromising on quality and started discussion with their reliable and long-standing partner, Bräcker.

The Solution

Bräcker continuously works on developing more performant products in order to ensure its customers remain at the top of their games.

With Onyx, Bräcker pushes its travelers to reach even higher speed, which also turned to match Kipaş Textile’s ambition. Consequently, the company replaced its C1 EL udr ISO 25.0 by C1 SEL udr travelers , Onyx finish.

The Onyx finish needs no introduction. Its unmatched gliding characteristics make it possible to increase the spindle speed by up to 1 000 rpm and prolong its lifespan.

The Customer’s Benefits

Kipaş Textile successfully increased speed from 23 000 rpm to 25 000 rpm for fine counts, 100% cotton while maintaining the same level of quality. In addition, the company noticed the new finish offered a longer lifetime, around 40%.

We would like to thank Bräcker for its dedication to constantly increasing our competitiveness. With Onyx travelers, we successfully boosted our productivity.Uğur Gündoğan, Spinning Mill Manager at Kipaş Textile

About Kipaş Textiles

Kipaş Textiles is a subsidiary of the Kipaş Holding and one of Turkey’s leading, fully integrated textile companies. The company operates six ring spinning mills with 252 576 spindles and three open-end spinning mills with 25 806 rotors. Kipaş also runs one air-jet spinning machine with 1 152 heads.

Each year Kipas produces 150 000 tons of yarn, 80 million meters of fabric and 5 million pieces of ready wear in an environmentally friendly way. Kipas benefits from extremely flexibily production capabilities which allows the company to respond immediately to market trends. 

The company produces yarns of all kinds from mixed or pure short-staple fibers. Kipas delivers premium products of the highest quality and is constantly developing its leading market position with a focus on flexibility, innovation and diversification of its product portfolio.

Kipaş Textiles

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