Kannen mit einem Durchmesser von 1 200 mm sind die Alternative in der Rieter-Spinnereivorbereitung. Sie erhöhen den Maschinennutzeffekt und senken sowohl den Personalbedarf als auch die Abfallmenge.

Kanish Spinning Mill produces with its rotor spinning machines R 36 consistently high-quality yarn from regenerated raw material at 98.5% machine efficiency.

High productivity and flexibility: The open rail system of the fully automatic roving bobbin transport system SERVOtrail Direct satisfies Jay Jay Mills’ needs at its best.

Com4 ist die Rieter-Marke für Qualitätsgarne; das sind hochwertige Garne, die auf Rieter-Endspinnmaschinen produziert werden. Rieter-Kunden können eine Com4-Lizenz beantragen und nach einer internen...

Huafu Fashion wanted to increase its production of melange yarn even further. With Rieter’s Ring Spinning Machine G 32 the company is now able to produce melange yarn with high yarn quality and...

Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd. is the first A-share company in the color spun industry in China and a global leading color spun industrial brand. Huafu is one of the world's biggest suppliers and...

With the precision blender UNIblend A 81 Fuhua Dezhou found the perfect solution to automate the blending process in their blowroom.

Changji Esquel Textile Co., Ltd.'s demonstration project of an intelligent full-process with 30 000 spindles has been realized with a Rieter system.

Shijiazhuang Xinhe Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. which is located in Northeast of China is able to produce superior quality rotor yarn from Ne 8 to Ne 40 while maintaining high efficient production.