Sharmanji Yarns Pvt. Ltd. produces polyester-cotton blended yarns and combed compact yarns of 100% cotton and is equipped with a complete system of about 75 000 spindles from Rieter.

Huafu Fashion Co., Ltd. is the first A-share company in the color spun industry in China and a global leading color spun industrial brand. Huafu is one of the world's biggest suppliers and…

Changji Esquel Textile Co., Ltd.'s demonstration project of an intelligent full-process with 30 000 spindles has been realized with a Rieter system.

Shijiazhuang Xinhe Fiber Technology Co., Ltd. which is located in Northeast of China is able to produce superior quality rotor yarn from Ne 8 to Ne 40 while maintaining high efficient production.

The Chinese Zhongtai Group has invested in Tajikistan. Part of the project is the new spinning mill Zhongtai Dangara, the first phase is fully equipped with Rieter machines.

Gildan's spinning facilities in Salisbury, USA, produce their high quality yarns with the direct process for optimum yarn production in rotor spinning.