Premium Components for Highest Demands


Impressing variety for any application – the range covers the entire processes of a yarn production, from the blowroom to the spinning preparation to the final spinning processes ring, compact, rotor and air-jet. Top quality components for the twisting operation and the nonwoven industry complete the product line.

Accotex, Bräcker, Graf, Novibra, Suessen and Temco provide key components suitable for the production of short and long staple yarns made out of natural, man-made fibers or blends and the production of filaments. The components are available for both spinning mills and machinery manufacturers, and are supplied for new as well as existing machinery.

  • Carded sliver

    Fiber preparation

    From fiber to sliver – the perfectly coordinated range of card clothings includes a variety of material and shape designs as well as surface treatments that ensures universal use. Graf card clothings are suitable for applications on cards from various manufacturers and technologies.

  • Roving

    Spinning preparation

    From drawing to roving – the outstanding quality of the high-performance, long-lasting, well adjustable components of Accotex, Bräcker, Graf and Suessen guarantee an increased efficiency of the processes.

  • Ring and compact spinning

    Whether spinning of short- or long-staple fibers, the sophisticated components of Accotex, Bräcker, Novibra and Suessen are available for ring and compact-spinning machines of all types, allowing for reliable and economical yarn production.

  • Rotor spinning

    Premium components for original equipment or modernization of rotor spinning machines enable a considerable improvement of the yarn quality, ends down rate and, therefore, productivity increase.

  • Air-jet spinning

    Leading components from Accotex for revolutionary air-jet spinning technologies offer superior abrasion resistance, high process speeds and highest fiber control over the entire lifetime.

  • Plied yarn


    Key components of Accotex, Bräcker, Novibra and Suessen in twisting of coarse and fine yarn counts have significant impact on the machine performance and twisted yarn quality.

  • Weaving

    In the production of textiles, carpets, paper or films in roll form, the best quality is guaranteed with Accotex products.

  • Finishing

    In the textile finishing process, Accotex/DAYTEX products optimize the shrinking and fixing of the fabric without loss of quality.

  • Graf components for Nonwoven


    The components from Graf and Temco enable highest precision, maximized throughput, unique uniformity and optimized and stabilized process flows for every nonwoven application.

  • Filament processing

    Accotex/DAYTEX and Temco supply a wide range of high-end products that are key elements to produce filament yarns as well as man-made fibers and help to improve quality in spinning, texturing, draw winding, covering and glass fiber spinning.

  • Industry applications

    Temco components convince with highest performance and precision. Especially in demanding processes of mechanical engineering Temco's components guarantee the maximum output on production lines and for future developments.