Sustainability Stories

high quality electronic repair carried out at rieter repair station

Rieter’s repair service stations are strategically located across the globe and offer both mechanical and electronic high-quality repairs with a short turnaround time to customers.

Rieter-Ri-Q-Tubes for ring and compact spinning

Rieter‘s Ri-Q-Tubes offer excellent dimensional stability that remains the same throughout the lifetime. Hence, customers can expect a lifetime twice as long as that of conventional tubes.

The UNIblend A 81 ensures high production, flexibility, and precision for Surya Spinners and its various blend ratios for the production of rotor yarn.

At MEM Textile from Türkiye, the C 80 card forms the basis for high-quality yarns with a remarkable production speed and outstanding sliver properties.

Rieter opened its first spare parts warehouse in Istanbul. Since April 2024, Turkish customers benefit from faster delivery times, improved efficiency and customer proximity.

The Smartjet winding upgrade increases yarn production by improving the efficiency of the upper yarn search and pick-up from the package by the suction nozzle and reducing operator workload.

Rieter’s Online Operators Training ROOT, which forms part of the ESSENTIALacademy, responds to the market’s demand for comprehensive operator training.

The FlatCLIP implemented in cast iron flats offers a cost-effective and sustainable solution to increase the lifetime and productivity of the cards.

As fashion brands commit to sustainability, the demand for recycled yarns continues to increase. Spinning mills are taking advantage of Rieter’s recycling technology and expertise to meet the growing…

Dezhou Huayuan decision to invest into Rieter single-head draw frames reflects not only in improving production efficiency but also in boosting profitability.

By using the R 37, Usha Yarns not only meets its environmental goals but also achieves substantial gains in productivity, quality assurance, and energy efficiency.

In a recent comparison conducted at a Turkish customer, the compact-spinning machine K 48 used 18% less energy at the same productivity than the competitor machine.

Four men in front of a factory, operating machines K 48.

Rieter has announced its latest major order for ROBOspin, the industry's first fully automated piecing robot. Uğurlular Textile Industry and Trade Inc. in Türkiye ordered more than 30 piecing robots.

Shunyuan Textile reduced the operator load and enhanced yarn quality integrating Rieter ROBOdoff on their R 36 and R 37 rotor spinning machines.

Wenzhou Mingshuo benefits from the ability of the Rieter semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37 to process yarn with 70% to 95% recycled cotton content.

The card C 80 forms the basis for high-quality yarns with a remarkable production and excellent sliver properties at Burteks Tekstil from Türkiye.

Sagar Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. enhances its production with the use of ESSENTIALmonitor, combined with the individual spindle monitoring ISM premium on their ring and compact-spinning machines.

Skytex Spinning increased productivity with the high-performance card C 80. In addition, the implementation of the C 80 marks a significant leap for the company in terms of energy efficiency.

Rieter after-sales solutions for ring spinning machines enhance productivity at Hanif Spinning Mills and contribute to sustainability through extended machine lifetimes.

Sreedhara Textiles has upgraded its ring spinning machines G 32 and G 36 with a ring spinning performance kit improving productivity, yarn quality and power savings.

With Rieter compact-spinning machines K 47, directly linked to Autoconer X6, Sri Bhagirath Textiles, India produces high-quality compact yarns, economically and highly automated.