Sustainability Stories

Rieter's collaboration with ORTA explores the possibilities of ring spinning in the recycling process, aiming to produce high-quality ring yarns with a significant share of recycled raw materials.

Regular maintenance of the draw frame is crucial to achieve extended machine lifetime and excellent sliver quality.

Energy efficiency is key for any operation on the automatic winding machines.

Nafpaktos Textile Industry S.A. is a leading example when it comes to innovative production processes and the use of ESSENTIALmonitor, Rieter's all-in-one mill management system, plays an important…

Sagar Manufacturers Pvt. Ltd. enhances its production with the use of ESSENTIALmonitor, combined with the individual spindle monitoring ISM premium on their ring and compact-spinning machines.

Repairing defective parts makes both ecological and economic sense. Repairs are often cheaper and quicker to conduct and conserve valuable resources.

The threat of an energy crisis in Europe has given further impetus to Rieter’s existing strategy of optimizing energy consumption.

Artificial intelligence also contributes to minimizing energy and raw material consumption.

Optical yarn clearers detect yarn inconsistencies. Their performance is critical for the quality of rotor yarn.

recycled yarn production - rotor spinning machine R 37, Zijian

Stricter legal requirements and changed consumer expectations are stimulating greater demand for textiles made from recycled materials.

Both parties are expected to create synergies by improving the processing of pre-and post-consumer recycling materials.

By upgrading the bale opener with an A 11 take-off unit, the production output has increased by 20% while reducing conversion costs.

After implementing COMPACTeasy and E 35+ upgrades, the mill production has increased by 6%.

Chinese customer Sichuan Dekai achieves a spindle speed of 24 500 rpm with the ring spinning machine G 37.

Rieter customer Jayajothi runs the ring spinning machine G 37 with COMPACTdrum at a very high spindle speed and produces consistently high yarn quality.

Thanks to the option CLEANtube coming with the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50, Gupta Threads achieves a mouse-free sliver.

Labor expenses in different countries account for anywhere between 6 and 13% of total yarn production costs. The right training can make a world of difference.

The Ramco Group Textile Division illustrates how after-sales services can be a win-win for customers and the environment. Ramco was able to reduce electricity consumption by 3% and raw material waste…

Keeping the doffing cycle time at its standard level of 180 seconds positively impacts production by several tons per year. In addition, it increases the machine lifetime.

recycled yarn production - rotor spinning machine R 37, Zijian

Three customers report on their experiences with the processing of recycled raw material on the semi-automated rotor spinning machine R 37.

Mr. Huang Jingsheng, Chairman of Wenzhou Luteng

Rieter customer Wenzhou Luteng operates the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 50 at 850 m/min with a blend of recycled polyester-cotton fabric offcuts and recycled polyester fibers.