Customer Magazine SPINNOVATION

SPINNOVATION, which is published by Rieter’s Business Group Components, offers insightful perspectives on technology components, precision winding machines as well as solutions for the production of filament yarns and nonwoven fabrics.

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No. 37 – June 2022

  • Rolling towards New Levels of Efficiency
    Unlike any other, the berkolizer pro provides consistent and adjustable UV treatment
  • Unprecedented Technology for Air Covered Fancy Yarns
    SSM fancyflex creates limitless effects, 20 to 30 times faster with less manpower
  • Graf Carding Boosts Recycled Yarn Quality
    New recycling card clothing packages to unlock the potential of yarn manufacturing
  • An Innovation at the Heart of Rotor Spinning Machines
    TQ rotors offer high yarn strength and enhanced spinnability
  • Reimagining Texturing Discs
    Temco CoolFlow discs offer longer lifetime and lower process costs
  • Universal Aprons for Increased Performance
    The new Accotex apron NO-79201 shows higher performance and flexibility
  • Precisely Centered Spinning Rings Influence Hairiness
    Bräcker ensures reliable results without deviations
  • Ensuring Competitiveness through Spindle Expertise
    How to choose the right spindle for production success
  • Leverage Carding Maintenance to Boost Productivity
    Flexible service packages and extended service station footprint
  • Becoming the Amazon of Yarns
    How TURKTEX responds in no time to customers’ demands and offers  over 1 000 different yarns
  • Convincing Results with COMPACTeasy at Arvind
    Compacting system increases production by 10%