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link magazine focuses on machines and systems for short-staple fiber spinning including automation solutions as well as the digital platform ESSENTIAL. It also covers valuable after-sales services such as performance optimization services that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a spinning mills.

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No. 78 – June 2022

  • Key Machine for Highest Efficiency
    Autoconer X6 ensures maximum customer benefits throughout the entire Rieter system
  • Reducing CO2 Footprint
    End spinning machines with energy-efficient drives and suction systems
  • High Productivity with a Challenging Raw Material
    The card C 80 is perfectly equipped for recycling applications
  • Hidden Treasures in an Existing Spinning Mill
    Ramco benefits from improved productivity and yarn quality at low costs
  • Winding Machine Now in the After-Sales Portfolio
    Retrofits increase the competitiveness of the spinning mill
  • Tuft or Draw Frame Blending – A Guideline
    Ring yarn and rotor yarn made from cotton-polyester blends