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Rieter's customer magazine "link" focuses on machines and systems for short-staple fiber spinning including automation solutions as well as the digital platform ESSENTIAL. It also covers valuable after-sales services such as performance optimization services that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a spinning mills.


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Cover Rieter Customer Magazine "link" No 80, June 2024

NO. 80 – JUNE 2024

  • Competitive Advantage with Automated Piecing
    Innovating yarn production from the USA to India
  • Rieter and Petit Spare Parts SAS
    Expanding market share and repair service footprint 
  • Rieter’s Recycling Toolbox
    Three tools to spin high-quality mechanically recycled cotton ring yarns 
  • Highest Production in Ring Spinning on the Market
    The new generation of the G 38 redefines the boundaries
  • Anniversary of the Customer Magazine link
    On the pulse of the industry for 80 issues
  • Parts that Make a Difference
    Effective maintenance kits prevent downtime and costly repairs 
  • Unique Knowledge About Yarns 
    Helping spinning mills and yarn processors make decisions
  • Best Quality at Highest Productivity
    Why Rieter draw frames are first choice for spinning mills
  • Strong Global Repair Service Footprint
    High-quality repairs with short turnaround time
  • 50 Years of Success in Türkiye
    Unlocking growth for a leading market
  • Innovation Hub Winterthur
    Campus as a driving force for the spinning industry