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link magazine focuses on machines and systems for short-staple fiber spinning including automation solutions as well as the digital platform ESSENTIAL. It also covers valuable after-sales services such as performance optimization services that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of a spinning mills.

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NO. 79 – JUNE 2023

  • Air-Jet Spinning at a New Level
    Low yarn conversion costs with the J 70
  • Increasing Recycled Content – Improving Yarn Quality
    Com4recycling system for combed ring and compact yarns
  • The C 81 Thinks for Itself
    Intelligent sensors enable the highest possible carding quality
  • Optimization Across the Entire System
    ESSENTIALoptimize brings the digital textile technologist to the spinning mill
  • Raising the Bar
    Maximum efficiency through a new generation of draw frames
  • Redefining Boundaries
    Highest speeds in ring spinning
  • Automatic Piecing
    ROBOspin increases efficiency in ring and compact spinning
  • More Safety, Convenience and Flexibility
    A step ahead with the Autoconer X6 through intelligent solutions
  • Smart and Efficient – ESSENTIALorder
    The webshop for spare parts management