Boosting Mill Performance

After Sales

Rieter accompanies customers’ equipment throughout their lifecycle by providing original parts and modernization solutions. Through premium and innovative parts, Rieter maintains and even enhances the original performance of existing spinning machines.

  • Fiber preparation

    From fiber to sliver – fiber preparation involves opening, cleaning, and mixing fibers. The process offers both high raw material utilization and cost-efficiency. For greater efficiency and improved running performance, Rieter After Sales offers spare parts, retrofits and upgrades.

  • Spinning preparation

    In spinning preparation, the sliver is further processed. The latest technology coupled with innovative solutions guarantee consistent top-quality values. High sliver regularity and quality improve the operating properties in downstream processes. Rieter After Sales offers various solutions to minimize machine downtime, increasing lifetime and restoring original performance.

  • Ring and compact spinning

    Ring yarn is considered a classic in the textile word and is widely appreciated for its versatility. The ring and compact-spinning process is reliable and produces high-quality yarn. Rieter After Sales offers leading solutions to help customers automate, save energy and achieve the best performance.

  • Rotor spinning

    The strength of the rotor spinning process lies in its high flexibility with regards to raw material and yarn structure. The result is the economic production of premium yarn while minimizing energy consumption. Rieter After Sales provides solutions for process automation, further energy saving and reduced machine downtime, therefore delivering an overall efficiency increase to customers.

  • Air-Jet Spinning

    The air-jet spinning process is the futuristic and modern alternative to ring and rotor spinning. Its yarn possesses unique characteristics with very low hairiness and high abrasion resistance. The fabric produced with air-jet yarn will have a lower pilling tendency and higher wash resistance.

  • Winding

    By incorporating the winder business into its product range, Rieter has become the only company in the industry that covers all process steps for ring and compact-spinning systems. The winding process delivers exceptional yarn quality and perfect packages for any kind of application. Rieter offers tailor-made automation solutions for optimized efficiency and reduces the personnel workload.

  • Service solutions

    Preventive maintenance packages, customer-specific engineering, and service equipment. Rieter provides a portfolio of services to maximize machine uptime, improve performance and efficiency as well as extend lifetime.