Com4 Yarns: A License to High-Quality Yarn

The quality label for yarn from natural, man-made, and recycled fibers

Rieter takes great pride in the high quality of the yarns produced on its spinning machines. The company has introduced the Com4 brand to give its customers the opportunity to make the excellent quality of their products visible and market them successfully. 

The Com4 license is applicable to yarns made from natural, man-made, and recycled staple fibers.

Four spinning processes, four exclusive licenses for yarn quality

Com4 is a worldwide registered trademark. Only spinning mills that produce on Rieter end spinning machines can apply for a Com4 license. There is a separate license for each spinning process: 

- Com4ring 
- Com4compact 
- Com4rotor 
- Com4jet

Com4recycling: The first license for the quality of recycled yarns

To respond to current market demands, Rieter has expanded the range of Com4yarns to include certified recycled yarns.  

Com4recycling licenses are available for all four spinning processes. To apply for a license, spinning mills must produce their recycled yarn on a Rieter end spinning machine. In addition, the recycled fibers must have been processed on a Rieter card and draw frame to ensure high yarn quality.

  • Bild mit 4 Models die für die Rieter Com4-Garne stehen

    Com4 yarns: The brand

    Discover the Com4 brand: Understand its operation, explore the advantages for yarn producers, and uncover how it consistently ensures superior yarn quality.

  • Com4recycling: The first license for recycled yarns

    Explore Rieter's Com4recycling licenses for superior, eco-friendly yarns. Experience the innovation behind the license for recycled yarns, leading the way towards a greener textile industry.

  • Pioneers in yarn quality: The Com4 licensees

    Com4 licensees can boast high quality and versatility that puts them at the forefront of the textile industry. Get to know innovative spinning mills that are already licensed and learn how they make use of it!

  • Elevate your yarn to the next level – become a Com4 licensee!

    Producers using Rieter end spinning machines have the exclusive opportunity to apply for a Com4 yarn license. This sets them apart in the bustling market and integrates them into Rieter's global Com4 yarn promotional activities. Join the Com4 community today!

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