Rieter Award: International Award for Future Textile Professionals

The Rieter Award for students

With the Rieter Award, Rieter supports textile training centers that promote talented junior employees.

In addition, the award is intended to create a global communications network. Technical, technological and digital progress is breathtaking. More and more new areas are opening up to automation and digitization. Continuing education becomes a constant companion, because to stand still means to lose ground. The demand for employees with higher and better education is rising.

This is one of the reasons why Rieter has launched the Rieter Award, whose main goal is to support textile training centers that promote talented junior employees. But that’s not all: With this award, Rieter wants to create a global network in which future textile experts, universities and institutions, as well as Rieter, all communicate with each other.

The Rieter Award honors the world’s best textile students. Students of textile technology (primarily yarn production, nonwovens, technical textiles, filament production and finishing), in particular, have a chance of winning the award. But there are also opportunities for those working on a topic within the large Rieter portfolio.

Selection of the candidates for the Rieter Award is made by universities and institutions that offer comprehensive training in textile technology and related fields and facilitate a university degree. The award is given to single-minded students for an outstanding dissertation. Excellent knowledge of the English language is a prerequisite.

The award includes a one-week visit to Switzerland. Here, the winners also get to know the Rieter Group, including meeting the management. However, the Rieter Award is always presented to the winners in a formal ceremony at their place of study.