ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite

The all-in-one mill management system
  1. Ensuring highest profitability and protecting investment
  2. Strengthening expertise of mill staff
  3. Driving performance to the highest levels
  4. Sharing improvement opportunities

Product details

ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite creates value from data by providing key indicators on the spinning mill’s performance at a glance. This system connects all machines, auxiliaries and business management systems in the spinning mill. Customized to the customer's requirements, ESSENTIAL displays user-specific information so that owners, managers and operators can manage, monitor, and maintain spinning mills.

ESSENTIAL connects the entire spinning mill


A holistic view from bale to yarn is key to optimize the whole spinning process and eliminate inefficiencies. ESSENTIAL makes this possible by connecting the entire spinning mill. Each user, from mill owner to operator, has an overview of the relevant information needed for their daily tasks and can manage the spinning mill through a ticketing and alarm system.


ESSENTIAL is a modular system to gradually digitize the spinning mill while meeting the highest security standards. This system consists of four modules: ESSENTIALbasic, ESSENTIALmonitor, ESSENTIALmaintain and the future module ESSENTIALpredict. Each module features a series of solutions to cover all customer needs.

Anytime, anywhere

Responding to challenges without a delay and minimizing expensive downtime require the right information to the right people at the right time. With near real-time data streams of spinning mills, ESSENTIAL provides key performance indicators and improvement suggestions on efficiency, production, energy, and quality data.



ESSENTIALbasic is the starter module of ESSENTIAL – Rieter Digital Spinning Suite and is available free of charge for all Rieter customers. This module includes solutions such as the Rieter calculator, ESSENTIALorder, and ESSENTIALconsult. 


ESSENTIALmonitor provides organized data from the entire spinning process, allowing all relevant information to be collected, weaknesses to be identified, and personnel to be managed in the most economical way. The specific and non-stop recording of data for production, energy, and quality allows fast response times and increases the efficiency of spinning mills while reducing costs.


ESSENTIALmaintain enables intelligent spinning mill maintenance. This module analyzes sensor data from critical machine components and identifies abnormalities to avoid outages. From Rieter to third-party spinning equipment and auxiliaries, ESSENTIALmaintain covers the entire spinning mill maintenance needs.


ESSENTIALpredict applies machine learning algorithms to sensor data of ESSENTIALmaintain and compares the running behavior of similar machine types. As soon as running behavior deviates from the standards, the operator receives a message containing clear instructions from Rieter on how to avoid a potential outage.