Customer Training

Continuous learning pays rich dividends – Rieter offers training on several topics being conducted by professional Rieter trainers who bring along decades of experience in the textile industry with a very strong passion to impart learning.

Customers can choose trainings on-site in their spinning mill, called INmill trainings, or trainings in Rieter facilities in Europe or China, called INclass trainings. For both options, there are four categories of trainings: Machine Training, Electrical Training, Process Management and Mill Management. Last but not least, Rieter offers mass-customized trainings as per customer needs. 


  • Machine Training

    This training will help derive the best out of the installed machines. Rieter offers trainings for all the machines from blowroom to winding.

  • Electrical Training

    This training focuses on the following topics: Blowroom, card, draw frame, comber, OMEGAlap, SERVOlap, Autoconer as well as on topics such as ESSENTIALmonitor and SPIDERweb.

  • Process Management

    This training helps increase the know-how about the spinning process in general and adds value throughout the process value chain.

  • Mill Management

    This training focuses on plugging the economic leakages in the spinning process. It aims to enable mill managers to improve the financial performance of operations.