Ring and Compact Spinning

Components for spinning of short or long staple fibers.

Years of experience in optimizing efficiency in the spinning process – the sophisticated components of Bräcker, Novibra and Suessen are available for ring and compact spinning machines of all types, allowing for reliable and economical yarn production.


  • Bräcker spinning rings

    Spinning rings

    With the ring shapes, the ring sizes and the special surface finish offered by Bräcker, the spinning industry can use their machinery at optimal productivity levels.

  • Bräcker travellers for spinning rings


    Quality features of the Bräcker travellers are outstanding running times at minimal wear and tear and superb gliding characteristics. Bräcker produces more than 1 mio travellers per hour and this at constantly high quality.

  • Novibra spindles for spinning


    High speed spindles with revolutionary two bearings design for minimum vibration, long operation life time and speeds up to 30 000 RPM.

  • Novibra clamping crowns for spindles

    Clamping crowns for spindles

    Novibra Clamping Crowns ensure reliable and rapid clamping and cutting of the yarn. CROCOdoff and SERVOgrip crowns provides additionally genuine doffing without underwindig.

  • Suessen top weighting arms

    Top weighting arms

    These Top Weighting Arms equipped with heavy-duty plate springs guarantee high machine performance and consistent yarn values.

  • New EliTe Compact spinning system

    This pneumatic compact spinning concept ensures high machine efficiency, best yarn qualities and lowest yarn parameter variations between spinning positions.

  • EliTwist

    EliTwist combines compact spinning and twisting of a yarn in one single operation and can be fitted to all spindles of EliTe.

  • Compacting device COMPACTeasy

    The compacting device COMPACTeasy is the new mechanical compacting solution that is attracting customers thanks to its low investment costs. COMPACTeasy produces yarns with excellent characteristics from all standard raw materials. This is based on the intensive double compacting that does not require any additional energy.

  • Compacting device COMPACTapron

    COMPACTapron takes yarn strengths to new heights thanks to a unique 3D technology that guides fibers smartly though the compacting zone.

  • Novibra top roller for spinning machine

    Top rollers

    The top rollers manufactured by Novibra are fitted with unique MICRO SEAL sealing system that prevents the ingress of dust and lint and secure extended lubrication cycles.

  • Cots BERKOL

    The choice of the correct BERKOL® cots minimizes the wrapping and thus end breakages while at the same time improving the yarn quality.

  • Active Cradle with PinSpacer NT

    The Active Cradle with PinSpacer NT (ACP) reduces the yarn imperfections by around 25%, many times even up to 40%. The ACP is available for most top weighting arms. With the ACP, the yarn quality improves substantially in a very cost-effective way.