Ring and Compact Spinning

Components for spinning of short- or long-staple fibers

With years of experience in optimizing efficiency in the spinning process, the sophisticated components of Accotex, Bräcker, Novibra and Suessen are available for any type of ring and compact-spinning machine, allowing for reliable and economical yarn production.


  • Accotex


    Accotex aprons offer long service life and excellent spinning characteristics.

  • Accotex


    Accotex cots are one key for excellent and stable yarn qualities from spindle to spindle and trouble-free processing.

  • Bräcker cots and aprons

    Cots and aprons

    BERKOL cots and aprons provide outstanding yarn quality and consistent performance throughout their entire lifetime. A wide range is available to match any raw material in short-staple spinning for combing machines, draw frames, roving frames and ring and compact-spinning machines.

  • Ring travelers

    Discover the wide range of Bräcker ring travelers, for short- and long-staple spinning, available in different shapes, finishes and materials.

  • Rings

    With unrivalled service life and remarkable consistency, rings from Bräcker contribute to excellent yarn quality at the highest speeds. They are available for short- and long-staple spinning in all dimensions with different profiles and holders.

  • Tools

    Using the right tool for the job is essential. Whether to insert travelers, analyze their positions or center rings, Bräcker offers a series of practical tools to save time and money.

  • Yarn carriers

    Exclusively made of first grade compounds, Bräcker yarn carriers meet the highest quality requirements regarding dimensions, concentricity, run out stability and deformation. They comply with ISO 368 standards.

  • Spindles

    Novibra spindles are well established and highly trusted by customers worldwide. With speeds up to 30 000 rpm and wharve diameters as small as 17.5 mm, Novibra spindles help customers reach higher productivity and more consistent yarn quality.

  • Clamping and catching crowns

    Novibra clamping and catching crowns ensure reliable and rapid doffing. From traditional steel cutter to modern clamping crowns, they offer reliable and consistent performance, with low maintenance requirements.

  • Spindle brakes

    Novibra spindle brakes stand out from competition thanks to their replaceable braking shoes. Two tybes of brakes are available: a universal U model and a R model suitable for Rieter machines.

  • Compacting device COMPACTapron

    With less energy requirement, less maintenance and fewer spare parts, COMPACTapron not only boosts yarn tenacity, it gives spinning mills a real competitive edge.

  • Compacting device COMPACTeasy

    COMPACTeasy produces yarns with excellent characteristics from all standard raw materials. This is based on the intensive double compacting that does not require any additional energy.

  • Compacting device EliTe

    The renowned EliTe offers excellent compact-spinning yarn quality. It is the most versatile, flexible and in demand compact-spinning system in the market.

  • Top weighting arms

    Suessen top weighting arms are equipped with heavy-duty plate springs which ensure high machine performance and consistent yarn values.

  • Active Cradle Package

    The Active Cradle with PINSpacer NT (ACP) reduces yarn imperfections by around 25%, and often even up to 40%. It is available for most top weighting arms.