Repair Services

High quality repairs
  1. Broad range of component-level repairs
  2. Reduced risk of breakdowns
  3. Enhanced equipment lifetime
  4. Improved reliability


Since 1986, Rieter has been building up its repair services capability with one goal in mind: provide to its customers the highest quality repairs at the shortest turnaround time. Certified Rieter service engineers are able to perform both on-site and in-workshop repairs, using original Rieter components and spare parts. A broad range of repair products is available for all Rieter machines. Since 2022, Rieter repair services has extended its portfolio to cover all Rieter winding machines.

Repair service map

Strategic and Local

The Rieter repair services network comprises of 25 repair stations which are strategically located at the doorstep of Rieter customers. Each repair station is fully equipped with the testing and calibration equipment required to provide the highest quality repairs. In order to compress the turnaround time for critical repairs, Rieter repair stations are also equipped with an inventory of critical repair components, exchange parts and modules.

Electronic Repairs

Rieter experts are equipped with a wide range of in-house designed and manufactured electronic test equipment and software, which enables them to perform component level repairs. Each electronic part received for repair goes through careful examination, which is compliant with electrostatic discharge procedures. The repaired parts are thoroughly tested under simulated machine operating conditions. Rieter repair technicians are continuously trained at Rieter Headquarters in Switzerland in order to keep up with the evolving technologies and the new Rieter products.

Mechanical Repairs

Mechanical parts are subject to wear and tear due to machine operation. Their lifetime is affected by various parameters such as the machine operation hours, environmental parameters and machine maintenance practices. These parameters can vary significantly from mill to mill. Rieter repair services offer a broad range of mechanical repair products designed to enhance machine reliability and cost-effective operation.

Winding Repairs

Rieter offers a broad range of repair products for all Rieter winding machines. Through its network of Rieter repair stations across the globe, the company is able to provide high quality repairs within the shortest turnaround time, ensuring minimal downtime for its customers’ winding machines. Rieter’s winding repair product portfolio ranges from customized preventive repair packages to complete systems overhaul solutions and is considered the industry reference.

Preventive Repairs

Both electronic and mechanical systems have different maintenance requirements and their maintenance intervals can vary depending on the ambient conditions and the machine operating regime.

Rieter’s preventive repair product portfolio helps customers detect and rectify potential electronic or mechanical failures before they occur. Consequently, customers can reduce the unplanned machine downtime and annual maintenance costs.


Based in Aubenas, France, Petit Spare Parts specializes in the trade of accessories for textile machines of all brands and can meet any request at national or international level. The company has many years of experience in making-up, texturing and twisting as well as in-depth knowledge of the export business.

Petit Spare Parts also manufactures spindles, spare parts for textile machines, as well as special parts. In addition, the company offers after-sales and repair services.