Maximum Efficiency and Competitiveness over the Entire Life Cycle

Systems Solutions

Ring spinning, compact spinning, rotor spinning or air-jet spinning – no matter the process, every Rieter system ensures spinning mills achieve the highest levels of efficiency and competitiveness. Using solely Rieter machines in a spinning mill offers innovative technologies and the benefits of machines that are designed to work perfectly together. The composition of a spinning mill line is specific to the customer and therefore very individual. However, the benefits of a Rieter system are the same for everyone: attractive yarn conversion costs and high contribution margins over the entire service life of the machines. Factors such as productivity, raw material utilization, energy savings and personnel requirements are also crucial.

Spinning Applications

  • Spin high-quality yarns economically

    The Rieter ring spinning system is renowned for energy-saving and flexible production of yarns of the highest quality. No matter whether it is standard yarns of any yarn count, slub yarns or fancy yarns, core yarns or twin yarns, a ring spinning system offers the most flexible solution for every spinning mill.

  • On the way to ten operators per 10 000 spindles – an example for China

    The need for automation and flexibility is increasing. With the Rieter system, customers can benefit from a fully automated spinning system that offers round-the-clock availability, regardless of the availability of personnel.

  • Productive spinning with high short-fiber content

    The strength of the Rieter rotor spinning system has always been its high productivity and achievement of a consistent yarn quality, particularly in applications with shorter fibers.

  • Efficient air-jet spinning system for 100% combed cotton yarns

    Rieter offers the system solution with which air-jet yarns of the highest quality can be produced economically from 100% cotton. The yarn has also unique advantages for downstream processing.

  • Spin yarn from used clothes

    With barely 1% of garments being recycled and three quarters of the world’s clothing ending up in landfill, Rieter is using its technological expertise to offer a complete recycling spinning system for both ring and rotor spinning lines. This enables customers to spin fibers from used garments and waste into yarns.