Customized Solutions

As a system provider, Rieter knows the requirements for spinning-mill systems inside-out in terms of automation and logistics. It goes without saying that the customer's specific wishes have to be respected.

On complete installations, the efficiency of various automated systems can be determined with specific reference to the customer and country. Rieter calculates and proposes carefully thought-out solutions, tailored exactly to fit the customer's needs and size of operation. 

Combing Automation

  • SERVOlap E 26

    The SERVOlap E 26 is a fully automated lap transport system. This system can transport laps from the combing preparation machine to the comber in a completely contactless process. This process safeguards the quality of the lap and also saves on personnel costs.

  • ROBOlap

    ROBOlap is the unique automated lap change and batt piecing system for Rieter combers and allows operation without interruptions.


Roving Bobbin Transport

  • SERVOtrail

    The modular roving bobbin transport system SERVOtrail reduces personnel requirements, increases machine efficiency and ensures excellent roving quality. Customers can choose from several technical variants and levels of automation.


Ring & Compact Spinning Automation

  • Piecing Robot ROBOspin

    The piecing robot ROBOspin repairs ends down in Rieter ring and compact-spinning machines. Automating this process ensures a high productivity, reduces labor costs and makes the operational organization of the spinning mill easier.


Rotor Spinning Automation

  • Doffing Automation ROBOdoff

    ROBOdoff automates the unpleasant task of manual doffing and ensures that all doffed packages have the same package length.