People Commitment

Success is when employees and communities thrive

Rieter puts people first in everything it does. Based on a strong safety culture, Rieter empowers employees to reach their full potential while making everyone feel included. Through social engagements, the company helps the communities in which it operates thrive.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of employees is Rieter’s top priority. Firmly based on its environmental, health and safety strategy, the company has defined clear minimum requirements that are safeguarded by the environmental and occupational safety officers at its company locations.

Education and Training

It takes brilliant minds to develop, manufacture and deliver industry-leading products and services. Forward-thinking engineering and entrepreneurship unite with know-how and commitment to spark innovation and accelerate success. This process is underpinned by a commitment to continuous education and training.


Diversity is firmly rooted in Rieterʼs value system and provides the framework for a unique company culture based on mutual respect and trust. The workforce also increasingly reflects the cultural diversity of the company’s markets. Promoting women at all levels is a strategic priority, with the aim to raise the proportion of women in management positions above 20% by 2025.


Rieter works closely with employee representatives around the world. At the European level, the collaboration takes place through an international council and in the different countries directly with the relevant employee representatives and trade unions.

Social Engagement

Rieter is firmly committed to its social responsibility toward employees and the communities where it operates. In Switzerland, Rieter supports art, culture, education and charitable causes through the Johann Jacob Rieter Foundation.  A Corporate Social Responsibility Committee in India selects projects that support communities near its operations.

Rieter India CSR Policy

The main objective of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Policy is to establish and lay down the basic principles and the general framework of action for Rieter India Pvt. Ltd. to undertake and fulfil its corporate social responsibility.