Fiber Preparation

Perfectly coordinated technology from fiber to sliver

Rieter fiber preparation guarantees gentle opening, efficient cleaning and intensive blending of the fibers. Operator-friendly adjustable settings and high cleaning efficiency are the best qualifications for high yarn quality. The greatest possible raw material utilization is achieved by optimally coordinated individual components in the blowroom line. Rieter cards convince by their excellent quality values at highest production, based on the proven 1.5 m working width and the integrated grinding system for card clothing.


  • VARIOline

    The blowroom line VARIOline is the variable concept for optimally opening and cleaning fibers. This guarantees the highest level of yarn quality. All blowroom machinery is designed to support an impressive line production performance of up to 2 400 kilograms per hour. VARIOline consumes around 40% less energy than solutions from other providers.

  • Bale opener UNIfloc A 12

    With a line production of up to 2 400 kg/h, the UNIfloc A 12 is extremely economical. The new machine concept uses a torque-controlled direct drive and a take-off unit with scanning force measurement. This ensures that the fiber tufts are optimally prepared for the blowroom process.

  • Precision Blender UNIblend A 81

    The precision blender UNIblend A 81 sets the highest standards for multi-component blending with a precision of less than 1% deviation. The UNIblend A 81 allows the feeding of up to four separate carding lines with different blend compositions. The UNIblend A 81 caters for all kind of applications - from cotton to man-made fibers to recycled fibers.

  • Card C 77

    The card C 77 offers high production thanks to its proven 1.5-meter carding technology. The exceptionally low energy consumption ensures economical production. 32 active flats are the basis for an excellent card sliver quality. With the optional Integrated Grinding System (IGS), sliver quality remains constantly at a high level and prolongs the service life of the clothing.

  • Card C 81

    The card C 81 offers the largest active carding area on the market, supported by artificial intelligence. Its latest innovations Carding Gap Control and Trash Level Monitor contribute to higher production of up to 40%, excellent sliver quality and an optimized fiber yield. In addition, the card C 81 is also the most energy-efficient card on the market, thus saving valuable resources.