A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

A leading global supplier for textile machinery and components used in short-staple fiber spinning

The global provider of components for all spinning processes

Yarns that follow fashion

Rieter offers attractive positions around the world


Shareholders’ participatory rights

Voting restrictions

Rieter imposes no voting restrictions.

Restrictions on share transfers and nominee registrations

Those persons who are entered in the shareholders’ register are recognized as voting shareholders. Rieter shares can be bought and sold without any restrictions. Pursuant to §4 of the Articles of Association, entry in the shareholders’ register can be denied in the absence of an explicit declaration that the shares are held in the applicant’s own name and for the applicant’s own account. There are no other registration restrictions.

Shares held in a fiduciary capacity are not entered in the shareholders’ register. As an exception to this rule, Anglo-Saxon nominee companies are entered in the register if the company in question has concluded a nominee agreement with Rieter. The nominee company exercises voting rights at the general meeting of shareholders. At Rieter’s request, the nominee is obliged to disclose the name of the person on whose behalf it holds shares.

Statutory quorum

At general meetings of shareholders, resolutions are adopted with the absolute majority of voting shares represented. Approval of the remuneration of the Board of Directors and the Group Executive Committee, and resolutions concerning the appropriation of available earnings, especially the declaration of dividends, is granted by a majority of votes cast, whereby abstentions do not count as votes cast. All amendments to the Articles of Association require at least a two-thirds majority of the votes represented.

Calling general meetings of shareholders, drawing up the agenda, voting proxies

General meetings of shareholders are convened in writing by the Board of Directors at least twenty days prior to the event, with details of the agenda, pursuant to §8 of the Articles of Association, and are published in the company’s official publication medium (Swiss Official Commercial Gazette). Pursuant to §9 of the Articles of Association, shareholders representing shares with a par value of at least CHF 500 000 can request the inclusion on the agenda of an item for discussion, with details of the relevant motions, by a closing date published by the company. Shareholders who do not attend general meetings in person can arrange to be represented by another shareholder, by the company or by the independent voting proxy. Power of attorney can be granted either in writing or electronically.

An independent voting proxy is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting. The term of office runs until the end of the next ordinary general meeting of shareholders.

Entries in the shareholders' register

No entries are made in the shareholders’ register for ten days before and three days after the general meeting of shareholders.

 Corporate Governance 2017 (English/PDF/290 KB)

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