Top comb Ri-Q-Top

Top comb Ri-Q-Top

Short fibres, neps and trash are extracted from the back part of the fibre tufts. This completes the work of the circular comb to perfection. Rieter top combs are available in different needle densities to suit the different combing noil and quality requirements and cottons. Extremely tough, ideal hardening and excellent self-cleaning effect are additional arguments in favour of Rieter top combs.


Waste extraction can be influenced by altering the penetration depth of the top comb. The main improvement is seen in the elimination of fibre neps. As always, however, it is necessary to find the optimum setting. Over-deep penetration would hamper the fibre movements during piecing. Rieter top combs are available with different point densities, depending on the type of cotton used and the combing quality required.


Top combs are available in a density of 26, 30, 35 needles per centimetre. The top comb influences the quality of the comber lap significantly. It eliminates short fibres, neps and dirt from the rear part of the fibre tuft. Whatever density you prefer, Rieter top combs provide quality you can rely on.


  • Ideal core hardening on each individual needle
  • Never bend even under extreme loads
  • Firmly anchored, cannot break off
  • Individual needles present high elongation at rupture
  • Outstanding self-cleaning effect
  • Optional point density depending on combing area
  • Rapid replacement of worn or damaged needle setting

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