Circular combs

Ri-Q-Comb i400flex, i500flex and i700flex

Ri-Q-Comb i400flex, i500flex and i700flex

From Ri-Q-Combs i flex to PRIMACOMB series, Rieter provides a wide range of state-of-the-art circular combs. The correct circular comb provides the basis for first-class fiber selection and thus cost-efficient production. Accurate graduation of the clothing, both in regard to population and depth of the clothing is characteristic for all types of circular combs. Rieter offers several types, both in relation to segment design and to work surface, irrespective of the raw material to be processed.


Whatever cotton is processed in the spinning mill, Rieter supplies the most suitable circular comb.

A typical feature of Rieter's vast range of different types of circular combs is the variety of segment divisions and working surfaces, as well as various categories of clothing both with regard to population and depth.


Rieter offers a full range of circular combs to meet all combing needs, combing surfaces of 90°, 111° and 130°, application range from short staple 1 inch up to 1 9/16 and combing noils to 22%.

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