Detachable Clearer Lips for Consistently High Sliver Quality

New clearer lips installed in RSB-D 40 machine for extended lifetime and consistent quality.

Regular maintenance of the draw frame is crucial to achieve extended machine lifetime and excellent sliver quality. Rieter’s new detachable clearer lips offer various benefits: The quick and easy clip-on solution consistently removes micro dust and short fibers that are stuck to the top and bottom rollers, resulting in uniform sliver quality. The rubber lips can also be replaced separately, reducing both waste and costs.

The top and bottom clearer lips in the draw frame drafting zone are decisive to ensuring consistent quality and uninterrupted machine operation. The newly designed detachable clearer lips facilitate the effective removal of micro dust and short fibers that are stuck to the top and bottom rollers, channeling them through the suction system to prevent lapping of raw material on the rollers.

During machine maintenance, it is important to inspect and assess the condition and quality of the clearer lips to ensure they fulfill their intended function. Regularly scheduled replacements of the clearer lips are vital. Effective functioning, ease of installation, long lifetime are the key factors to consider when selecting clearer lips.

Achieving Consistent Quality and Ease of Installation with Symmetric Design

The product consists of a detachable metal holder and a rubber clearer lip. While the holder can be reused and is a one-time purchase, the rubber lips are designed to be replaced separately and can be mounted onto the existing holder. This design offers a quick clip-on solution that is effortless to install, requiring no tools or screws. The superior symmetric design also prevents incorrect insertion, further streamlining the installation process. Additionally, the improved material properties of the detachable clearer lips withstand higher working temperatures and extend its lifetime.

Detachable top and bottom clearer lips with symmetric design for ease of installation.

Benefits Resulting from Regular Maintenance

To help customers keep their mills running smoothly, Rieter provides a comprehensive range of original spare parts and services, including parts packages that enhance machine performance throughout its lifetime. Furthermore, maintenance booklets are available, providing a concise summary of necessary maintenance procedures. These booklets offer recommendations for cleaning and lubricating critical areas of the draw frame and guidelines on parts replacement.

While the maintenance booklet supports in performing regular maintenance, the process of ordering and stocking parts has been made easy through ESSENTIALorder, Rieter’s webshop. It features a customer specific spare parts catalog and assists spinning mills in timely ordering of parts while optimizing stock levels. The webshop is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week enabling customers to submit orders from anywhere at any time. More information can be provided by the Rieter sales representatives or agents or by accessing the ESSENTIALorder platform

As a result, downtimes can be prevented and the draw frames can operate at maximum efficiency. This approach enables higher productivity, excellent sliver quality and extended machine lifetimes.

Rieter offers a comprehensive service package for optimal maintenance.