First Com4recycling-Ring License for ORTA

The collaboration between ORTA and Rieter led to fruitful results in the field of ring recycling. Through extensive trials and projects, the two companies have worked together to advance the ring recycling process. Over recent years, ORTA has become a global pioneer in the production of ring yarn made of a blend of recycled and virgin cotton, earning the first Com4recycling-ring license. This achievement not only underscores ORTA's commitment to sustainability but also highlights the significant advancements made through this collaborative effort.

In an industry where only a meager 1% of garments are recycled in closed-loop systems and a staggering three-quarters end up in landfills, the textile sector is actively seeking solutions to create more sustainable production patterns. Rieter has recognized this need and offers innovative solutions that integrate recycled raw materials into yarn production, facilitating the closure of the textile loop. With Rieter's technology, both rotor and ring yarns can be produced, incorporating a substantial amount of mechanically recycled fibers for weaving and knitting applications. While rotor recycling has been the prevailing method in the market, Rieter's collaboration with ORTA denim mill from Turkey has further developed the possibilities of ring spinning and recycling.

Rieter is proud to have collaborated with ORTA, an expert in recycled spinning, in developing the ring recycling process. This partnership demonstrates our commitment to sustainable textile production and showcases the immense potential of recycled fibers.Franziska Häfeli, Head Sales and Marketing, Business Group Machines and Systems, Rieter

Advancements in Ring Spinning and Recycling

Rieter's collaboration with ORTA explores the possibilities of ring spinning in the recycling process, aiming to produce high-quality ring yarns with a significant share of recycled raw materials. Rieter's comprehensive ring spinning process sets industry standards by optimizing the processing of recycled fibers, resulting in improved yarn characteristics and expanding the potential applications in weaving and knitting mills.

Rieter addresses the challenge of producing ring yarns from recycled cotton by implementing precise control over short fibers in the drafting units. This ensures a more consistent and reliable process.

Driving Innovation in Ring Recycling

ORTA's expertise in denim fabric production which are showcased as best-practice example during ITMA in Milano at Rieter’s Technology Wall played a crucial role in identifying areas for improvement. Rieter proposed adaptations along the value chain and tested them with ORTA's support, ensuring alignment with requirements.

ORTA and Rieter's collaborative effort drove innovation in the ring recycling process by optimizing the spinning system and leveraging each other's expertise. This resulted in superior yarn properties, enhanced running performance, and advanced sustainability in the textile industry. Next to the progress made in the ring recycling process, ORTA is now the first one holding the Com4recycling-Ring License.

Yarn Licenses for Com4recycling

Com4 is a globally registered trademark for yarns spun on Rieter end spinning machines. To further establish recycled yarns in the market, Com4recycling licenses are now available for recycled ring, compact, and rotor yarns within the proven Rieter Com4 yarn family.

Working alongside Rieter has been instrumental in our journey and we are proud to be the first Com4recycling-ring licensee. This achievement highlights our unwavering dedication to sustainability and our ambition to drive the industry towards a more circular future.Orhan Herdem, Spinning Manager at ORTA