High Productivity with Dusty Linen-Viscose Blend

Chaohu Youngor Color Spinning Technology Co Ltd, is located in Anhui Province, China. The company processes cotton, linen, viscose and their blends. To increase productivity, Chaohu Youngor built a new spinning mill with 57 000 spindles in 2021. For this new mill, the company bought six couples of draw frames SB-D 50 and RSB-D 50 in order to continue meeting the high quality requirements in the future.

The Challenge

China is currently the largest producer of linen fabrics. The popularity of linen has increased in recent years and thanks to its good comfort properties, it is also highly appreciated as a garment. Linen is very breathable and dries faster than cotton, making it comfortable to wear even in hot weather. However, a major challenge for spinners is that linen fibers have a high trash content and tend to generate wood dust during processing, especially on the first draw frame passage. This can lead to deposits on various machine parts, particularly at higher speeds. These deposits cause a lot of tiring cleaning work for the operator in the drafting and coiling area. If not taken care of in time, it can result in a lower machine performance. 

The Solution

The single-head draw frame SB-D 50 without autoleveler offers highest flexibility. It is designed for spinning cotton and man-made fibers, but also special fibers such as linen with high productivity and dust-free running. For trouble-free processing of dirty and dusty material, the SB-D 50 is equipped with a highly efficient suction system. Trash accumulations on the cleaning lips end up directly in the suction by intermittently lifting the lips. The automatic filter cleaning system keeps the filter screen clean with the help of a wiper. The operator can set the suction intensity easily and quickly on the machine display. Four suction slots in the infeed of the drafting unit support the suction concept for an efficient trouble-free 24-hour operation. This efficient suction system at the pre-draw frame reduces dust during coiling and keeps the production efficiency in the subsequent processes high.         

The Customer's Benefits

With the SB-D 50, Chaohu Youngor achieves a delivery speed of 800 m/min with high efficiency using a blend of linen and viscose (55/45). Operators enjoy working with the SB-D 50, and six machines can be easily handled by one operator. In addition, the workload of the operators at the following draw frame and at the roving frame is reduced due to fewer stoppages and sliver breaks. The excellent operation of the SB-D 50 thus ensures consistent sliver quality with high productivity and best yarn quality in downstream processes. Thanks to the patented drive concept ECOrized with fewer drive elements, the SB-D 50 is sustainably energy-saving even at higher delivery speeds. The frequency-controlled drive for the suction and the individual drive for the coiler are unique. As a result, Chaohu Youngor benefits from energy savings of 13% compared to the competitor machine.

I am very satisfied with the operation and productivity of the SB-D 50 at high speed. The draw frame runs smoothly and trouble-free with a blend of linen and viscose (55/45) at 800 m/min. I am thrilled with the performance!Chen Lianguang, Quality Manager

About Chaohu Youngor Color Spinning Technology Co Ltd

Chaohu Youngor Color Spinning Technology Co Ltd, is located at Anhui province of China. The company processes cotton, linen, viscose and their blends. 

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